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21 Comments on 7-12-2019 – A Message From Dr. Morse

  1. U r awesome Dr Morse I learn a lot from u by eating right n how health important in our life.

  2. Any longtime listeners ever heard doc talk about xantelasma??

  3. I love you Dr. are a hero

  4. chemo is money….only money for the physicians circle…the most expensive remedy they recommend (non)…..yes, they should be enprisioned or shot……these doctors are insane!

  5. Dr.Morse, have you read the book “Disappearance of the Universe” by Gary Renard?
    luv u 🙂

  6. Time to take my 3 lung  tincture that just arrived today

  7. I don’t want to lose my way from Regenerative Detoxification as I complete my BHSc in Naturopathy.

  8. here in Canada, MD’s are handing out low dose radiation to simple issues such as psoriasis , arthritis etc..
    I suppose the antibiotics were not serving enough toxicity ..bumping up the genocide program

  9. Dr. Morse, you are 100% right about the criminal medical system run by psychopathic narcissists and the 0.01%. Most of these allopathic doctors should be locked up because of the harm they do to their patients by prescribing lethal medications especially chemotherapy! And people, by and large, are too ignorant and brainwashed to see what’s going on. Things are getting worse and more absurd by the day. Between drugs, chemo and vaccinations, we are approaching the end of humanity. Thank God for natural doctors such as yourself.

  10. Always good to see you Doc! BLESS UP!

  11. Dr, Morse you are the best. Keep it coming. You are the one that makes the most sense!!

  12. I hope his parents speak English and that they will watch this.

  13. I love you so much sir you are beautiful and speak the truth i cry my eyes always see the suffering it breaks my heart x

  14. i love Dr. Morse! I agree, we HAVE to WAKE UP! Humanity …wake up! Namaste

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