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7 year old boy with Leukemia DEMANDS investigation of SAN DIEGO Juvenile Court

I AM creating CHRISTIAN'S ARMY for my son who has leukemia. Christian was taken from his dad in what appears to be a clear case of fraud in San Diego Juvenile Court. Case No. NJ014844-The matter of CHRISTIAN ARNOLD. The Court Orders state that a JEAN P. LEONARD was at a August 13, 2016 hearing that stripped custody from the person named. However, evidence from County Counsel suggests that JEAN P. LEONARD was not there!!! This is a MAJOR violation of due process and grounds for a fraud case opened by the District attorney… (There are other fatal defects as well.) Please support this cause by raising awareness of this disgusting situation so that a little boy with leukemia can reunite with his loving father! Subscribe and share if you like kids…. The fraudulent documents are in link under the first video I did or wait for an upcoming video where I edit them into the video.

29 Comments on 7 year old boy with Leukemia DEMANDS investigation of SAN DIEGO Juvenile Court

  1. As Dr. Morse would say, sad stuff

  2. omg im so sorry love n prayers from Australia i will share across twitter and social media stay strong with God

  3. check out Luke’s Army in Australia his lil boy died in care

  4. you didn’t make it clear why they took him

    • Its in the next video

    • they took him because of a swollen/infected hand. they say my person didn’t receive medical attention for it. it was 2 1/2 years of chemo that was the cause. they took my soon with a clear case of fraud. i need help in exposing it because county employees aren’t helping. probably because county employees committed the fraud! chad…

  5. all registered children belong to the state/crown
    that is – the legal (BC) name belongs to the state/crown
    sadly we wrongly beLIEve that we are the legal name
    the legal name is a name of a legal person/corporation
    ☀ google legal name fraud ☀

    • Burnice Pursuing Health and Happiness // 25th February 2017 at 10:37 pm //

      once your children are registered they dont belong to you. they should be in your private trust.

    • living beings cannot be registered into a dead system (the state)
      only names (on pieces of paper) can
      we got to get into our heads that the (dead) legal names have nothing to do with the living beings

  6. This is very sad when the State takes our children away from us to administer a drug or drugs that can cause more harm than good. This should be the parents decision and not the State. Our Government has been controlling us far to long and needs to be stopped.  I wish the father luck in stopping this.

  7. I just want to inform the public that there’s ((Financial))) incentives for a socialist worker to find a way to remove children from homes in every state. The Federal governing control freaks issue money cash incentives to DCF departments through Federal aide or our own tax money. This act in itself is unconstitutional simply because there’s money incentives for the workers and bonuses for their supervisors. DCF also has party’s every summer( camps) and at (Christmas) Winter holiday for only DCF and their family’s and lots and lots of overtime plus free use of a state vehicle especially for the supervisors…… It all began in 1970 by a handful of judges looking out for their financial interests..!!!!

  8. I would like to hear what Dr Morse has to say on this, himself please. Perhaps in a video soon? 🙂

  9. thats why a vote for trump matters look up sweet wormwood,

  10. wow that’s really cool im terminal n yeah too late for me. God bless wat u do. I’ve shared on twitter etc

    • Dear Mandi i’m not sure if i’m too late but i hope not.. Have you ever researched Biofilm and the relation it has to almost every disease? Cistus Incanus will destroy Biofilm and boost your immunity. I hope you’re still here.

  11. how can a kid get “leukemia”?
    before he had a treatment (like chemo from the chemo-criminals) which causes that…

    • Hello ! Igot a leukemia at 7 too (just 6 months after vaccination, well I made he link but I got no proof), I had a chemo and radiotherapy, I’m alive, I’m 29. I had growth problems, my kidneys and bowels are dead since the chemo so I had very bad times with that full acid body and neuro problems too. Plus doctors found a nod on my thyroid 10 years ago, so they took it off.. until now I found solutions with Dr Morse, trying to repair all these things.. I ask myself, everyday, how can pharmaceutical industries sleep with that, even with money, I don’t understand.. Sorry I needed to write. Have a good day !

  12. This is sick. So sick. It’s on. We must stop them from doing this. Sick sick sick.

  13. if you think that’s a fraud, then look at this one:
    best of ‘luck’ to you

  14. What does this have to do with regenerative detox?

  15. may justice prevail

  16. Burnice Pursuing Health and Happiness // 25th February 2017 at 10:40 pm //

    they will make amendments to court orders without even requiring you to be there. ive seen this over and over again

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