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33 Comments on A love video from Dr. Morse

  1. Keep up the great work Dr. Morse. I like lifting heavy weight and make sure to drink a lot of fruit

  2. We need to shut THEM down!

  3. Pat’s video was wonderful! I hope she does more 🙂

  4. God bless you Dr. Morse. You are the light of the world

  5. A Touch Of Tarot // 2nd May 2020 at 6:34 am //



  6. They are toxifying people’s bodies more and more so they get sicker and sicker and the eugenisists who own the world can kill the weaker people and control everyone, force them to do what they say by putting fear into them

  7. We love you Dr. Morse♥️♥️♥️ eat seamoss to remove mucus from your brain

  8. when i am free flowing i can do the things i normally would not and it will not affect me as much as when i do it and beat myself up over it.

  9. The Immune system is the Lymphatic system. This is why I trust Morse more than Doctors, last time I went to the Doctors for a stye (it’s not a stye, I forget the actual name of this thing!) in my eye, he said it looked like an infection, smirked (as if I was the stupid one) and then left within 3 – 5 minutes, tops, filed a prescription for me for some stupid anti-bacterial drug (or something like that) WHICH I HAD TO PAY FOR. and a $500 Bill for his “labor” I guess… Smfh, I went home, did research, and knew for sure it wasn’t just infected. There is a “ball” in that eyelid even now as I type this, and it’s been over 7 months since I went to that Hospital.

    Bunch of retards I’m sad to say it, they regurgitate their little Medical school books which aim to just provide a temporary solution and not actually fix the underlying problem. The only thing I can ever really trust for them to help me with at a Hospital is a bullet or knife wound, something very traumatic like that. A Broken bone. Literally nothing else. I wish people would know the truth about how the system works and realize it’s working against them. If I could do it at 12 – 14 years old, they can too! (21 now)

    • If you do a 3 day dry fast. No food or water. Do that in cycles until that bump pops and disappears. If you cant dry fast then water only fast. I have eliminated 3 lipomas and a cyst in this manner.

    • Thank you for sharing your experience. I have stories of how flaw the modern medical field is. My mom has had arthritis and couldn’t move her pinky finger. The allopathy doctors wanted to surgically open her hand to drain the fluid. I am like “HOLD THE PHONE!” I knew there are other ways to deal with this besides a pill (pharmaceuticals is from the Greek word for poison) and surgeries. I found a herb tea… spearmint tea with three cloves in 8oz of hot water, drink 3 times a day (morning, afternoon and dinner time). Overnight my mom was able to move her pinky fingers amd the pain subsided. I swear medical doctors today don’t know what they are doing.

    • Passionfruit Grenadilla // 2nd May 2020 at 10:28 pm //

      Anthony A how did you deal with yours as I have the same under ly eye lid and struggling to get it out under my eye lid too


  11. 0:12 you mean surviving the hoax

  12. I enjoy listening to you. I am using your products right now. Your words are very inspiring.
    Thanks for sharing what I know to be true.He who knows and knows that he knows he is wise follow him. Thanks Dr Morse.

  13. London Real have setup the channel you speak of.

  14. Pat’s video was great! I think both are great. Simplified and detailed.

  15. Thank you so much for speaking out. The “pandemic” is a hoax. It’s really sad because the masses are being lied to and are getting their info from mainstream media. People are getting their rights taken away by a lie and too many people are asleep and are letting this happen. The COVID case numbers are rigged and doctors can record the cause of death being from the virus when it was caused by another illness. Acidic or not, a lot of animals are being killed and other foods are being wasted because of the lockdown. Psycho Bill Gates blatently said there’s an overpopulation and by giving a vaccine, the population can be reduced. Yet, most people still believe what they hear on tv, which is controlled by 6 or so corporations and this “programming” is definitely not for anyone’s benefit except their own. Check out The Fullerton Informer on yt. 60 ghz mm waves are found in 802.11 ad wifi systems. 60ghz can make people sick, cause breathing problems or kill them. Medical workers are being paid a lot of money for getting patients on ventilators which makes their breathing worse. Innocent people are dying and It’s sad to go out and see how many people are following orders while believing their corrupt government is protecting them. People need to wake up in order to really protect themselves. Thank you for always spreading truth and awareness.

  16. The “Coronavirus” doesn’t even exist! What we call “COVID-19” is an exosome, a strand of DNA produced when your cells are poisoned, to warn other cells not to go near them. It’s a function of the immune system.

    Just like with all the lies on “autoimmune” disorders, now we have coronavirus. This will all be used to take away our rights and chip us. Look up Bill Gates and ID2020, he wants everyone to get a vaccine or they won’t be able to travel or participate in society. We’re in the End Times friends.

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