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16 Comments on A Message From Dr. Morse 6-1-2020

  1. Beautiful as always Dr. Morse. In energy, presence and message. Love your work, you’re an inspiration to me 🙂 <3

  2. I’m 2+ years in and most of my health issues are gone but I can’t seem to get my acne hyperpigmentation to fade. I had severe cystic back acne for 17 years, the acne itself has stopped but the dark spots just aren’t fading. Anyone have thoughts?

    • Hey bro. I am so close to healing cystic acne on the chest. I’m on day 43 of a solid food vacation, juice cleanse, led by John Rose. John Rose introduced me to Morse 3 years ago. I’m finally going the distance on this juice feast and it’s giving me the best results yet. Things are working finally. I need to keep pushing. Been vegetarian/vegan/heavy raw for 3 years but this is doing deep work. That is my suggestion. Love

    • Are you 100% Fruit?

    • Perhaps you could try some skin oils. Jojoba oil, comfrey root oil, sea buckthorn oil, Shea butter, rose hip oil. Or poke root and white oak bark tinctures. Dr Morse also has a skin salve and a bone and connective tissue tincture that might help. That’s just my best guess, I would start there to heal parathyroid and therefore heal scars or weak tissues, but then again idk if hyperpigmentation is related to parathyroid.

  3. you are the king. All hail king Dr. Robert Morse. Such an incredible soul and important person to this planet

  4. Hi Dr Morse, sending my love from my fruity heart. You are a light in the darkness!

  5. A beautiful light…in our darker days!!! Love you Dr. Morse…so grateful 4 u

  6. Stay strong and shine your light so we lift up this beautiful world. its about time!

  7. We are so protein conditioned in this country . High intake of protein activates m-tor pathway in the human body which accelerates aging. There is more PROTEIN in fruits and veggies than most are aware of . You have to learn to readjust the conditioned mind and start to think differently OUTSIDE of the conditioned matrix mind . CRITICAL SELF THOUGHT . live from your BEINGNESS , heart and soul … EYE’S MIND HEART AND SOUL WIDE OPEN NO FEAR ! Thank you Dr. R. For all you do.

  8. We are all ( THIRD EYE BLIND ) … In-Sight (?)… Detoxification of the Pineal gland will help you see with true clarity … The chase of the external world happiness and material acumalation will never be achieved. IT’S AN IN-TERNL SEARCH . EYE’S MIND HEART AND SOUL WIDE OPEN, NO FEAR . We are All OUR owner masters of OUR universes… Love you all more than you’ll ever know .

  9. we love you dr morse, we will continue to spread your teachings <3

  10. This is one of the most excellent l have heard. Best 30 mins ever!
    Thank you!

  11. World: pandemic lockdown
    USA: police state protests
    Dr. Morse: Hello my dear ones ☺️

  12. We need to be deeply concerned about all the daily emf’s and microwaves the human being is being exposed to, in order to gain a true picture of “Health”!

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