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21 Comments on A message of love from Dr. Morse

  1. What your thoughts about Black Seed Oil?

  2. Love the new intro

  3. Dr Morse you’re a super guy..sending love ❤️from UK

  4. Thank God for those who have donated. Please continue to support this wonderful man and his work. I believe this is the way to go. I really do hope that Dr. Morse will once again address Fukushima. More people must speak up. There is no getting around those accumulating rads.

  5. some are making their practice a church so they can say things like cure , healed and other words
    or taxes so they can sell things cheaper ( just a thought )

  6. look at the genesis church for MMS……….

  7. Much love from Brasil ! <3

  8. Does anyone know if there is any studies that back up what he says? I would like to some scientific proof that a fruit detox heals.

  9. Thank you so much for what you’re doing Dr. Morse & all the true healers out there! I was guided to your channel right on time in my awakening! I have much experience with CPS. It’s time to raise consciousness to break free ♡♡♡ !!!

  10. Dr Morse, THANK YOU for all you do in every aspect of this life and especially for the Healing you bring in Body, Mind, Spirit and AWARENESS. I really appreciate that you shared this message. You answered some questions for me in my approach to sharing this information. It is very important to be aware of the WORDS we use in videos regarding healing and making sure not to make claims that the Medical Establishment can come after you for. Bless You ALWAYS Dr Morse. There’s NO WORDS to express my Gratitude for what you’ve done for me already after 54 years, since birth, of so much suffering. It’s all too common, sadly… but you’re here and helping MILLIONS and so many of them are helping others. You’re a TRUE HERO to look up to by any child or adults. Bless You also for your Spiritual videos.. WONDERFUL. *Love, Blessings and (((BIG HUGS!!)))*

  11. I have a question, I’m dealing with acid reflux, even if I’m juicing just lemons, grapes, what ever. I have to take every now and then I pill for that. ..I’m detoxing, and using your herbs, can I do the pill sometimes or ..? Because it’s hurtful and everything comes up. I can last for 3-5 days without taking a pill.. so I take itfor few times in a month.

  12. Much Love, So Awesome Giving, Great Karma!!

  13. I hope you are not talking Barry the man who helped at the seminars when I was there. He is from California or Hawai and has a fruit farm? Real tall, gentle Ben and great orator? Many Blessings to Him and anyone in need!!

  14. Great talk and info. Thank you!

  15. Jesus Christ is God

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