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A Spiritual Talk with Dr. Morse 2-15-18

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16 Comments on A Spiritual Talk with Dr. Morse 2-15-18

  1. Always judge a tree by its fruit

  2. You’re awesome! I love the energy you’re spreading ♥ 🙂

  3. Not sure what the background story is, but I wanted to add to what is been said, as in also facing and bringing out to the open where the truth is been misrepresented. As unconformable as that might be, it is necessary as to help those yet to awaken to their own truths, and to end destructive patterns.

    When people are lost, they are most vulnerable. As you said, Narcissists and psychos are smart, and they use psychology to identify and bring in victims. If the community has parasites, they are going to hurt people using the same banner as those who help.

    • I’ll add, DT narcissistic ways are hopefully awakening people to the reality of the things that come from a world in that path. Free will, yet it comes with plethora of warnings. When it all falls down and if not in favor, there cannot be a claim there was no warning.

  4. So much love for u Dr morse!

  5. I had a whiff of this feeling you described recently. Was great!

  6. We are moving forward , We have become clear light never let one thing snag us going through this shift .

  7. You’re so cute lol.   Love, love, love you Dr. Morse!

  8. You are Very uplifting DR. Morse you uplift me everytime….you lift me up!

  9. 3:40 *Misappropriation* : the action of misappropriating something; embezzlement.
    *Exploitation* :the action of making use of and benefiting from anothers resources & work.
    13:37 Thoughts have triggering effects to the bodily organs. You don’t carry thoughts, …you use thoughts to triggers certain past reactions in the body…and eventually they will affect the inner organs operations and systems.
    21:31 Colonists/Settlers/Immigrants, different labels, same from home country, come to america…to get a better life , healing and become a *22:26** Soldier of Health* or become a member of a Homogeneous Nation.
    23:00 Women are suppose to be the First teachers to males…but putting this responsibility on women, is not realistic. The Balance between the male and Feminine is necessary for life.

  10. Love you Dr Morse. Thank you for this video and for your example and your teachings. There is so much to learn and to know.

  11. I wish I lived in your city Dr.M I’m a hairstylist and I would of loved to be cutting your hair just so we could have this amazing spiritual conversations! Love when you do this videos…thank you!

  12. If i ask an allopathic doctor why,,,and they get smart a#@ with me.I tell them to get lost.

  13. I agree with you on alot dr.m. but urine therapy is good for you. Dont knock it until you try it. Urine is not waste but an excess. Would you through away left over food? No. Our body represents the same structure as the earth bout 80% water. And the earth recycles its own water. So shall we. Just do a lil more research on it and hear the testimonies. Distilled water, fruit juice and urine are all important fluids. To be honest the cleaner you are the more you dont need any outputs to survive.

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