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26 Comments on A talk with Dr. Morse and Steve Factor.

  1. hahah 13:20 the woo is so true!! I’ve never had such a mental high on my previous vegan diet. But occasionally when I have a mango or some really good watermelon, I get really chatty and excited and near bounce off the walls. It’s great 🙂 23:15 So grateful for you dr. morse and your healer friends spreading the message.

  2. don’t forget the best :
    the berries

  3. Love you guys! This video made my day!!

  4. The 40 Year Old Vegan // 21st July 2016 at 9:26 pm //

    Dr. Morse is so humble and cute <3

  5. Those two were on fire.

  6. Does anyone know if there is a facbook group that corresponds to dr morse practices?

  7. Amazing!! Such a great video! Gratitude for the both of you!

  8. I love you both. Thanks for this wonderful video. What a powerful message. How fun t have you both on together.

  9. Brilliant video, but then again all Dr. Morse videos are brilliant and what an awesome community we are building united by Dr. Morse and health.

  10. Christina Churchill // 22nd July 2016 at 11:31 am //

    You two are great together … So enlightening and entertaining!

  11. informationwarfare // 22nd July 2016 at 4:51 pm //

    good stuff

  12. Steve is on Fire in this! He really makes me feel incredibly pleased I found Dr Morse’s ‘work’ as this is changing my Life in a way I never thought it could. I am increasingly feeling better with just a simple mono fruit diet and some heal all tea…thankfully that seems to be seeing me through dropping ALL my addictions, and I had a few. The last 2 years, my own ‘process’ has SPED UP and the Fruit is enlivening me in a very real and potent way. I have bad days but I am aware the good one’s are actually increasing which amazes me as I have been ON THE FLOOR. Talk about OVER-STIMULATION! So, now I am allowing my REAL FEMININE to come in at last and show me the way by holding my own hand and feeling through all the emotions that COME UP when you LET GO of what you were putting in for something pure and graceful and from God. It’s worth it and these two men are incredible forces of change for us all to emulate within ourselves. Thanks go to the Morse Channel for being just about the best thing since ‘sliced bread’…argh! Did I really say that? Well, you know what I mean…the best place for Truth there is on the entire Internet.

  13. Minimalist Living // 24th July 2016 at 2:25 am //

    I’m malnourished. So how do I clean out my lymphatic system?

  14. Inner Beauty Inner Peace // 24th July 2016 at 11:48 pm //

    This is one of my favourites! Thank you!!

  15. How about having some video recorded testimonies from some of the successful people?

    • By the way, I’m a believer….it would be for the doubters.

    • Search ROBERT MORSE testimonials- here or on the Internet. There are videos- amazing testimonials – also you will find his history of cases and testimonials …a site called grapevine I believe will be one of the first selection through Google …
      and you will be truly amazed and in enlightened and inspired!

  16. Actually Ryan is having pharma drugs – he is on Rituximab therapy which is a chemo immunomodulator. Ryan’s cancer (follicular lymphoma) is not offered surgery.

  17. wow <3

  18. We need a YES counter on this. Amazing show tho. I love Robert and this guy is a beautiful soul too.

  19. I can’t listen to an hour of him saying yes.

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