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Our goal is to provide current and free content about natural products which are good for a healthy mind and body. This blog provides information for educational purposes only and no products can be purchased on here. You will find useful links to other websites to help you to do more research into the subjects we cover.


Today any company operating in the natural health space is going up against corporations who pay billions to lobbyists who prevent alternative natural remedies getting the mainstream media exposure they deserve. Often the medical solution lies in treating the symptom not the cause of the issue. Our goal is to raise awareness to the many great natural alternatives that can help with both emotional and physical issues.

My personal journey into the natural health space started in the most unlikely way. During my 21 year career I was so locked into the success system that I simply dismissed holistic and alternative therapies as some hippy type weirdness. How I wished I hadn’t!!

Following my return from Australia in 2009 and the untimely death of my dear mum I had been looking for a purpose. My mum had always lived a careful, healthy life… never smoked, ate well, minimal drinking and played golf three or four times per week. Yet at a very young 57 she gets terminal lung cancer… I mean how does that work?

So on her deathbed my mum teaches me the most important lesson… LIVE LIFE NOW!

I truly loved my career but now it was gone I needed a new purpose. I wanted it to be my hobby, something I loved to do, something that got me out of bed in the morning. It’s important to do what you love and I had to wait six years before I found my true life purpose back in January 2013.


That’s when I watched my genius friend change the lives of some of my closest friends using bio-resonance frequency.

During this period I witnessed Frequency change the lives of people in no small way.

Heroin Addicts not having to suffer cold turkey symptoms when withdrawing from the drug,  Alcoholics, Anxiety, Stress, Depression, ME, Fybro Myalgia, Spondylitis, Back Ache, Trauma victims, Sexual and physical abuse victims, Self harming and lots more. To this day I continue to be amazed every day when someone walks in with a physical or emotional problem as I watch Frequency work its magic. Observing the impact frequency had on my close friends was the point I knew I would be sharing the benefits of frequency on human health for the rest of my life.

Reiki masters practitioners and people in the holistic therapy space around the globe have been blown away when they have felt frequency balancing their Chakra’s and clearing blockages in meridian points. There are thousands of bio-resonance practitioners around the world and this isn’t new technology either. What’s makes my friends approach different to any other practitioner is the set of protocols he has developed to ensure each individual gets maximum benefits from frequency.

Frequency is just one of many natural healing techniques I have come across on my new found journey. You’ll find lots of other natural ways you can improve your health and well-being as you look through this blog.

I hope you enjoy the content, you’ll certainly find it informative and surprising in parts, there’s no doubt about that!

Here’s to your natural health and well-being!




Of course you can’t say anything these days without covering your ass so here is the blurb.

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