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Athena and Dr. Morse – Healing Testimonial Ulcerative Colitis & Crohn’s Disease

Dr. Morse and Special Guest

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Athena and Dr. Morse – Healing Testimonial on Gut Issues, Ulcerative Colitis, and Crohn’s –

Athena and Dr. Morse: Suffering, Emotions, & Personal Power on the Healing Path –

42 Comments on Athena and Dr. Morse – Healing Testimonial Ulcerative Colitis & Crohn’s Disease

  1. Many thanks for this great video, bringing people into the videos who have
    been treated by Dr. Morse is an excellent thing to do.
    It would be lovely to see more of your patients talking here 🙂
    Wishing you Robert and your team the very best.

  2. Thank you for being here Athena! and thank you for your inspiration! Your
    light shines very brightly <3

    • +Emerald Cafe – Athena, It was a pleasure to see and hear you, it really
      Thank you.

    • +Emerald Cafe – Hi Athena! I absolutely LOVED meeting you at the class.
      You are so beautiful and full of life. I had an experience similar
      to what you mentioned at the support group. After my GI system was
      practically destroyed from Accutane and chronic antibiotic use I made an
      appointment with a very prominent South Florida GI doctor. He told me that
      he knew exactly what I had and that he had lots of patients with it. I was
      so excited and hopeful to hear the remedy and start getting well. My hopes
      were dashed when he looked at me and simply said that “his patients learn
      to live with the symptoms and most of them live somewhat meaningful
      lives.” I promptly fired him and kept on with my search for answers.
      Luckily, thanks to the wonderful teachings of Dr. Morse, my search is
      finally over. The simplicity of true health and wellness was right in
      front of me all along. I just had to be ready to hear it, commit to it and
      do the work. All the best, Tracy : )

    • +TRISH HOLBROOK Trish, thank you very much, I’m so glad! 🙂 You are

    • +Get Vibrant Hi Tracy! Thank YOU so very much and it was my great pleasure
      to meet you in class! Thank you for sharing this story, I’m certain there
      are many of these types of stories all over the world. You are a powerful
      healer, warrior, and I’m thrilled you fired him and continued walking
      towards your truth. I’m happy for you and so glad we had this unique
      opportunity to share time together! 🙂 Stay in touch, please!

    • +Emerald Cafe Thank you so much for your kind words Athena. You are sooo
      sweet : )

  3. Holy f@ck how can she be 75??? Damn I hope I look that healthy and well :))

  4. Please do more with your former patients, very inspiring. And what a
    beautiful soul/person she is. Great vid.

  5. this video convinced me to book an appt. I’ve been sitting on the fence cuz
    money is tight, but I want out of hellville. These videos give me hope!!

    • +MrsGxoxo Yes! You are worth the investment, absolutely! Do the best you
      can within your budget. Once you get out of hellville, you’ll be freed up
      to do all sorts of things, including reaching your financial goals! There
      is hope and you can do it!! Patience and determination, wins the day! 🙂

  6. Two beautiful souls make for one amazing video. Love to you both and much,
    much thanks!!!

  7. had to laugh at the ‘hell’ comment…:a few steps up”

  8. We need more of such videos of actual clients of Dr. Morse.

  9. Awesome video

  10. sunshineandroses100 // 3rd February 2016 at 8:07 pm //

    Very beautiful people.

  11. What is the word when he says: you have ..??? the bowelwall 10:35

    • +trompacoable1 The word is ‘ulcerations’. An extremely severe case of
      ‘ulcerative colitis’ and ‘crohn’s disease’ resulting in ulcerations
      throughout the entire colon and bowel wall. ` Athena

  12. Thank you for your quick reply, much appriciated 🙂 Another question is:
    you mention that your adrenals are nearly normal again which is absolutely
    fantastic!!!Can you tell me how one can test/know that? I am on a high
    dosis of Predn.and taking less and less. As you no doubt understand I would
    like to know if my Adrenals are taking over again…

  13. Athena you most beautiful Warrior Queen, I concur!: ‘Not only are they (Dr
    Morse Videos) educational…they’re inspirational and encouraging.” God

    • +Muzo5628 STEIN Thank you so much! Yes, God bless Dr. Morse for his
      fearless and relentless quest in his teachings & practice, right on! We are
      so abundantly blessed that he is here and making these priceless videos for
      our awakening and healing!!! <3

  14. You can’t argue success! Thanks to beautiful people like Dr. Morse who has
    healed so many people. It’s a gift in itself to actually want to do what it
    takes to heal. Most people automatically think in their mind “I wonder what
    the doctor would think about me on this natural path?” Most doctors don’t
    REALLY care. But people like Dr. Morse DO care.

    • +Peyton Rivers This is the truth and very well said. Believe it or not,
      people STILL want to argue success! lol.
      Dr. Morse is a most beautiful healer and he certainly does REALLY care!! <3

  15. Thank you for the both of you for Sharing a healing expérience.

  16. Michella Williams // 2nd July 2016 at 6:42 pm //

    So so good to watch this. I’m going thru healing crises constantly now. I
    hope to be in a video w dr morse soon too! Thank you, Athena!

  17. You both are such beautiful people! Thank you for sharing your story.

  18. Excellent video, thank you.

  19. The medical system must change before they kill more people, those idiots..

  20. So very powerful. I thank you! I listen to this over and over while

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