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Bio-Resonance Frequency

What is Bio-Resonance Frequency?

Two of the greatest thinkers our planet has ever seen have both been quoted on the importance of Energy, Frequency and Vibration to all life forms.

               tesla large                       Albert-Einstein-Energy

Bioresonance therapy was invented in Germany in 1977 and is used successfully in 55 countries worldwide. Today there are thousands of bioresonance therapy devices used around the world by doctors and health practitioners.

Bioresonance therapy has been found to be highly effective in treating many ailments, such as allergies, skin problems, chemical and heavy metal toxicity and other conditions including food, drug and alcohol addiction.

Significant new findings in science and technology have generated astounding innovations, which are now being applied to medicine.

Findings from the area of biophysical and quantum mechanics and quantum physics made available incredible options and have absolutely led to remarkable developments in technology. These findings are useful to make clear the basis of bioresonance therapy.

E = M*C squared is the relationship between matter and energy as we fully understand it from the genius of Albert Einstein.

Every form of matter is made up of energy and also emits energy. Each and every substance and every single cell of every part of the human body emits their energy too. This includes viruses, bacterias, allergens as well as substances that are beneficial to the body. They all have a highly specific, typical wavelength or frequency with entirely individual attributes.

This is termed the ‘frequency pattern’.

Cells communicate amongst each other – this is the way in which the frequency pattern is formed. We all live in an age of communication and information. Your body functions and regulates by itself because of communication and the communication exchanges amongst the various cells of the body.

This cell communications through ‘flashes of light’ and is by way of specific frequencies. In a healthy body, each cell can carry out its task and exchange information unhindered. Then again, stress induced substances or perhaps impacts can get in the way or obstruct this kind of communication between cells. Interfering substances such as chemical toxins, infections, germs, parasites, volatile organic compounds, pesticides and things that trigger allergies are able to disrupt communication between the cells.

The following can result in organic (physical) changes. This disturbed cell interaction prevents those cells performing effectively and we notice evidence of this through non-specific changes in well-being, both mental and physical exhaustion, persistent tiredness, skin disturbances and eruptions, irritable digestive tract and even allergic reactions.

Bioresonance therapy aims to decrease the overall amount of disturbed frequencies. Frequency patterns that cause sickness can be modified into healthy, therapeutically effective frequency patterns, thus empowering healthy cell communication once again.

I was first introduced to Bio-Resonance Frequency treatments when a friend was treated for alcoholism and within a couple of days she was back to her normal self. Unusually compared to other treatments she was left in the position of being able to take a drink without feeling the need to get slaughtered.

My friend then treated his brother who had been on a 30 year drink and drugs spree including 4 suicide attempts with the same astonishing results. Thus began our journey into the quantum world of Energy, Frequency and Vibration.

I’ve personally witnessed Bio-resonance Frequency produce brilliant results for the following conditions…

Heroin addiction – complete withdrawal with zero cold turkey symptoms
ME / Fybro Myalgia, Anxiety, Stress, Depression, Self Harming, Spondylitis, Stroke, Shoulder pain, Leg pain, Back ache, Sexual abuse, Domestic violence, Agoraphobia, Lack of confidence, Phobias, Fear of failure, Alcoholism, Addiction, PTSD, Relationship breakups.

This is by no means a comprehensive list but it gives an clear idea of what can be achieved away from pills and potions that treat symptoms not the cause.

Some people feel energy more than others, personally I’m not someone who feels a great deal however if you speak to a Reiki master or another type of holistic therapist who have experienced a Bio-Resonance treatment, they will tell you how amazing it is.

You can read a full review of a Bio-Resonance treatment by Jess Lewis founder of by clicking the link below

Bio resonance therapy


There are different ways you can get the benefits from Bio-Resonance frequency. There are practitioners all around the world who can treat you privately. What makes each treatment different is the technology they use and also the protocols they use. There are also devices you can wear that will give you beneficial Bio-resonance 24 hours a day 7 days a week.


How Does Bio Resonance Frequency Work?

What exactly is the ‘Frequency Machine’?
The “Frequency Machine” is an amazing and unique device that has been specifically designed to actively scan and read something called the human ‘bio-field.’ The machine is capable of not only scanning an individual’s personal bio-field but it can also analyse the different frequencies emitted by the human body. The frequency readings, which are specific to each individual, are then transmitted to a laptop computer that is directly connected to the Frequency Machine. The results of the bio-field scan can then collected by a specially created software application and summarised visually on-screen. Our consultants, who have been extensively trained to interpret the results, are then able to talk through and explain the findings to each individual client. As no two people are the same the client can be sure of a highly personalised reading of their unique bio-field scan results.

What is a ‘Bio-Field’?
The human Bio-Field is simply another term for the energetic matrix that surrounds us all as living beings and is unique to each and every one of us as individuals. It links our bodily cellular activity together via neural pathways sometimes referred to as ‘meridians.’  This communication between cells can be thought of as a constantly flowing current that creates the vibratory aspects of our being. This energetic field can also be thought of as a kind of biological ‘superhighway’ that allows the DNA in our cells to communicate with each other faster than the speed of light thus maintaining a coherent holistic intelligence within the overall human organism.

It has long been known by physicists that everything in the entire universe has been created by energy, vibration and frequency. Even what we consider to be “solid matter” is in fact, at the quantum level, also composed of energy – and human beings are no exception. At the deepest level of our being, in the molecules that make up our cells, we are essentially ‘bundles of energy.’ As living beings we are therefore constantly exchanging energy with everything around us. This means we all have our own personal  ‘vibrational signature’ that is as unique as our fingerprint.

How might the Frequency Machine improve my health?
You have probably heard of the commonly used expression “You are what you eat.”  The reality is that you are also what you think! Your lifestyle, your thoughts your past and your present all have a very profound affect on how you function in this world on a day-to-day basis.  As we travel through this journey we call ‘life’ we all encounter or experience difficult or challenging situations. Many of these tough situations can cause stress and put our bodies into what is termed ‘fight or flight’ mode.

When the body is in this ‘fight or flight’ state our sensory nerve cells pass the perception of an external threat message from the external environment to a part of the brain called the hypothalamus.  Neuro-secretory cells within the hypothalamus then transmit a signal to the pituitary gland inciting cells there to release chemical messengers called peptides into the bloodstream. Simultaneously, the hypothalamus also transmits a nerve signal down the spinal cord. Both the chemical messengers and nerve impulse will travel to the same destination – the adrenal gland.  You are probably already familiar with the term ‘adrenalin rush’ which we experience when we are in a state of action or excitement. This feeling emanates from the adrenal gland.

These ‘chemical messengers’ are very important parts of our biological make up and help us to combat stress by flooding our bodies with the chemicals that feed our muscles with more energy. We excrete most of these substances naturally but some residues tend to get trapped in our soft tissues and internal organs. These ‘trapped’ adrenalin based chemicals tend to create toxins that emit a frequency that in turn can create a number of unwanted side effects. The frequency associated with the original stressful event permanently attaches us psychologically and biologically and unfortunately continues to create negative behaviours and thought patterns that repeat time and time again throughout our life.  Sight, sound, smell and taste are all triggers that can resurrect the original emotions and thus the chemical compounds connected to the original event.  In simple terms the Frequency Machine helps to stop these unwanted triggers from happening by re-programming the frequency that is causing the problem. So by re-programming the defective frequency and replacing it with a more ‘positive’ frequency the stubborn toxins are finally removed.

Think of the calmness you experience after a good massage during which your masseur is able to break down the lumps and crystals in your muscles to get rid of those uncomfortable stress knots. Afterwards you feel much more relaxed and you are advised to drink lots of water in order to help the body flush out the released toxins. Well, this is broadly the same principle applied by the Frequency Machine.

How does the Frequency Machine work?
The machine works by running lots of different frequencies throughout the body and then identifying any ‘negative’ frequencies that are being emitted. It then works to alter and retune the defective frequency. In simple terms it finds all the blockages and then clears them.  This means that once the programme is complete you still retain the memory of the original stressful situation but the associated ‘bad feelings’, negative behaviours and negative thought patterns that were associated with that memory have now been dissolved away.

Many of the physical conditions treated by the frequency machine result from residues of emotional stress picked up from the experiences of normal, everyday life.   No two people are the same and we all react and deal with everyday stress in different ways. That is why we all ‘store’ those stress chemicals in different ways.

Does it hurt?
Using the Machine, for most people, is a completely pain free experience. However, when the Frequency Machine treatment is activated there is a possibility you may feel a slight discomfort in certain areas of the body. This is nothing to be concerned about and simply means the machine is doing what it was designed to do. The discomfort arises because your body is simply letting go of historic painful emotions and associated toxins.

Example (Case History)

We recently treated one client who had deep-seated emotional anxieties attached to her ex-partner.

The client had been constantly in and out of hospital with various health issues that were still unresolved. When we treated her she mentioned that in the past she had suffered years of domestic violence. It was ten years since she had left that abusive relationship so she was convinced she had dealt wit all the associated issues. However, when we targeted that issue using the Frequency Machine she felt sharp stabbing pains in her side for about ten minutes as she was letting go of all the toxins and negative frequencies that were attached to that memory.  

Afterwards she felt a huge release of old buried emotions and became a little bit light headed. Very soon after her energy level improved, her blood sugars improved and her diabetes became easier to control. She hasn’t been back to hospital since.

Will I feel anything?
During a frequency treatment you may feel tingles or twinges in various parts of your body as the machine works to pulse away the negative frequencies stored in your soft tissues. These are temporary and stop as soon as the treatment is completed.  After the treatment some clients report that they feel a little tired which is not surprising as the body has just processed and released years of anxiety and stress. It is always advisable to drink plenty of water after a treatment to help re-hydrate the body and flush out all the toxins that have been released.

Where does treatment take place?
Clients have the option to visit us in person if they wish – or alternatively a treatment can be conducted remotely if the client is able to post to us a small hair sample or fingernail clippings. Both hair and nail clippings contain enough DNA for the machine to analyse. The machine will read the bio-field of the samples and use this data to calculate the frequencies that need to be transmitted back to the client.  To date 65% of our clients have been treated this way with the same excellent results as those who visit us in person.

Although some people might be sceptical about the concept of ‘long distant healing’ there is actually a substantial amount of independent evidence that this type of healing is equally as effective as face-to-face healing. It is based on a scientifically proven concept called ‘Quantum Entanglement’ (See Appendix One below for explanation). For those who may still be in any doubt, our co-founder, Angela K Wright MBE, was treated in her home in Brisbane, Australia from our premises in Manchester in the UK using remote healing based on her submitted DNA samples. Following the treatment she was so impressed by the results that she decided to invest in the business.

How many sessions does it take?
Everyone is affected by the trials and stresses of modern life in different ways and as such each individuals condition is experienced at different psychological levels. For example, conditions like anxiety, stress, phobias and addictions etc can usually be dealt with in one or two sessions. Treating certain physical conditions like Arthritis or ME may take more sessions. Top-up treatments may also be required from time to time if the client so wishes.

When will I start to notice a difference?
Again this depends on the individual and there is no ‘standard’ answer. Most of our clients usually report feeling instantly calmer and relaxed immediately following a treatment. Others report feeling a difference within a few hours of receiving a treatment.  Some clients feel no immediate tangible difference until they later find themselves in a particular situation or circumstance and then realise that they acted and felt very different than they did before. This demonstrates the real benefit of the Frequency Machine.

Why is a Frequency Machine treatment better than a traditional treatment?
It would be wrong to claim that the Frequency Machine is the perfect solution for everyone as we are all unique individuals with different and sometimes complex medical histories. It is useful to note however that the history of ‘traditional’ western medicine is based on the twin concepts of ‘prevention’ or ‘cure’. In simple terms this means that the leading drugs companies are constantly trying to develop more and more pills to ‘fix’ our medical problems. In short they are addressing the symptoms rather than the underlying cause of illness or disease.

Our focus is more aligned to the Eastern principles of health i.e. finding out what is the root cause behind an individual’s health problems. If we can fix the root cause of a physical or psychological ailment then this is clearly a better solution than filling the body with pills and potions that often only bring temporary relief rather than a long term cure.

In the West our culture views disease as a physical manifestation of an underlying problem. But in the East, for thousands of years, the belief is that disease starts with an imbalance of our energy field which later manifests as a physical problem. Our Frequency Machine has been designed to work based on the wisdom of the East. It treats our energetic ‘self’ as a priority and rebalances our natural frequencies in order to cure our underlying health issues.


Bio-Resonance Frequency Wristbands

There is a cheaper alternative that having a private Bio-Resonance frequency treatment. For a very low cost you can now buy a wristband which provides the wearer with beneficial frequencies 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. I wear one of these wristbands myself and it really does make a difference.


Click here to find out more about Frequency Wristbands


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