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  1. Thanks to Dr. Morse I have started switching to a fruit, berries, and melon diet. Not 100% there. I have a cooked meal a 3-5 times a week but my hope is that I’ll be eventually be able to be all fruit and clean myself up. This can explain so much why I had horrible acne starting in 4th grade and still even now (Im 21). I also dealt with stomach ulcers. I switched to vegan when I was 15 but was eating a lot of processed soy and vegan junk food and developed panic disorder and IBS a few years later. Hope this is the cure. I certainly won’t find it by continuing doing what I had been doing.

  2. The Dr. makes total sense to anyone who was happy to learn their 7th grade anatomy lessons properly to the level of A+. That’s what I did (I loved anatomy, and I loved understanding it, not just memorizing it), and everything he says is not “radical”, it’s actually well understood textbook knowledge, with a focus on cleaning the body, as opposed to the allopathy who only thinks about using a new drug.

    If anyone says that the Dr. makes no sense, I completely understand: “you didn’t do very well in school, did you?” Everything he says is text book knowledge.

  3. I am also stuck at the level where if I quit fruit, I don’t feel as great. I guess it’s nice to feel how good fruit is for you. (I have had detox phases too, not so pretty!)

  4. Wonderful as always. Still totally in love with you, Dr. Morse. Come to Oregon – we grow everything 🙂 love to all 🙂

  5. I just adore you Dr. Morse.  Thank you for all you do.  A big shout out for your healing salve!  My age spots have almost disappeared.   I have these discolored spots over my left eyebrow that I was sure were cancerous.  I went to the dermatologist three times and all they offered was some crazy system to burn the first few layers of skin off my face.  My dad did that years ago and he looked terrible for weeks.  There was NO WAY I was going to do that to my face.  I tried neem oil, tea tree oil, coconut oil, vitamin e, castor oil and a few other natural ways. The spots softened up, but were still there.  Your healing salve.  WOW!   Most of them are gone.  The ones above my eyebrow are 80% gone and still fading.   Much gratitude!

  6. it’s only been 6 days and my blood sugar has leveled out. and I’m fasting on fruit. Go figure.

    • Bob Ray hey, yes iv’e spoken to Marcie back in September, been on/off the diet but I have to get myself together and stick with it. Interesting about the small intestine controlling blood sugars. In my case I was never on antibiotics before I was diagnosed.

    • Hey Bob, can you share some symptoms that you had during your condition?

    • Bob, how are you now? My daughter has dm 1 and we want to try with only fruits. We believe in success!

    • Hello Danijela. You should look up urine therapy. It is the best therapy known to man. It cures anything, and it is completely free. There are lots of information about it here on youtube. And it works very well with fruits, berries and melons! =)

  7. Dr Morse why do you constantly do Freemason hand signs or Illuminati hand signs? Who side are you on? The elite/NWO or are you truly helping the common folks?

  8. Boy!!! you look, great doctor Morse

  9. Orange juice is like jet fuel for the human rocket

  10. Hands down one of the best videos I’ve seen from him! So informal! Love him so much! #godsend

  11. You’re a GOD send and your staff!! I spoke to one of your staff members today and she was very informative. Very kind and caring too. I hope one day become certified and apply everything I learned to my life and help others!! I love everything you’re teaching in your videos…this is my calling. AMEN!! God be all of you! 🙂 xo

  12. BelLaDonna opluz // 1st June 2017 at 9:46 pm //

    when.. yes please

  13. My Wonder Filled Life // 17th October 2017 at 9:59 pm //

    Best one yet Dr Morse. Love yu

  14. The Wolf Of Amazon // 11th April 2018 at 2:50 pm //

    Can you leave a link to more information about your spiritual teacher?

  15. Kiaora from New Zealand, discovered your site today, enjoy your passion to make a difference on our beautiful planet, thank you for your contribution

  16. When I first listened I was not sure– I had to catch up. NOW I am eating all melons and grapes to repair my kidneys, lymphatic system to correct my edema- It’s working. I had to be ready for this. Everything Dr.Morse says it at the highest level of knowledge. Thank You!

  17. I’ve literally never seen anyone with such an extensive, intimate knowledge of the human body. It’s astounding.

  18. Hey dr. Can u recommend a good book about PH

  19. “Sometimes you gotta hit the bottom before going back up”. Well said Dr. Morse, well said!!

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