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7 Comments on Candida, Surgery & Kidney Stones Part 1

  1. Candida bind mercury. So as long as you have mercury in your body (by amalgam fillings for example) the candida has a purpose and the body will allow him to stay. Its also important to know, if you want to kill the candida, you have to take substances like medical coal or chlorella which can bind mercury. Otherwise the dying candida leave the m. in your body and poison you more than before!

  2. Thanks for another informative video. Also good info gieszkanne

  3. Are there some fruits we should focus on more than others , if so which ones? Also is blending a good thing when can’t juice?

  4. thought the way to go was vegies and fruit, now just fruit….i ll try it !

  5. According to Dr. Morse melons should be eaten by themselves(alone). All other fruits can be eaten together but it is best to eat one particular fruit at a meal. And never eat a fruit with a starch (bread,potatoes,pasta) or protein (meat,eggs) because this will ferment in the gut causing gas,stomach pain and or bloating.

  6. actually i do think the grapes would mold up first lol

  7. i believe the use of grain is a millitary invention, to feed large number of men for war.

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