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39 Comments on Corona Virus Continued

  1. I liked it already because how can it not be good

  2. although the virus might be real the fear is fake – they’ll try to mandate vaccines through this. dont take them – they’ll be used as a weapon with 5g.

    I warned you.


  4. Sheeple will never stop being sheeple. Sadly. They were born n bred n vaccinated to be what they are. Sad but true family.

  5. I just watched another video. It showed a store was not only sold out of toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and water, but it was also sold out of cheese, milk, and meat! How sad!

    • @Lynette Berry right! It’s a shame they take measures to stay in and be safe, but then put themselves at a greater risk by eating acidic, mucus forming foods.

    • Ryan’s Rides 916 // 13th March 2020 at 11:02 am //

      Mark Frazier unbelievable

    • @Mark Frazier People like what they like, there is no reason for you to bash them. The foods you say are “acidic” and “mucus-forming” may be a balanced diet for them. Either way, I would not compare someones eating habits to a disease that is currently ravaging some parts of the world. I understand you were trying to make a point but perhaps you could find another way than linking it to a pandemic.

    • You must be new here

  6. living and loving the everyday small things- I love Dr.Morse’s Spiritual talks:)

  7. Someone see viruses like moon landing…. This is a smokescreen from something old. Public opinion is busy with propaganda and someone is doing something behind that public opinion. Eat healthy, don’t stress because cortisol will kill you. Live normally as if nothing happened. Greetings to all good people

    • Yes its bizarre. Italy is shut down, maybe the Vatican has something to do with it? China gets to cover up Hong Kong, Trump gets blamed for everything before the election, maybe all three? I never buy the media hysteria as it would be betting against myself, its always a lie

    • What do we find behind the curtains? Well well…


  9. Mr Morris you should have facilities for people to cleanse

  10. you r the man . Thanks so much.

  11. I tell people all the time about herbs .

  12. Ghareeb al Ghoorba // 13th March 2020 at 2:13 am //

    While everything is shut down ill be watching dr morse certification program like a godfather marathon lol

  13. my fear this is a bioweapon not natural

  14. I love listening to Dr. Morse

  15. I do not fear the virus at all, I am annoyed at the hysteria and lack of basic toiletries now available thanks to hoarding panicking morons.

    • Madeleine Grayson well you might not fear it but elderly or sick people will die from it so please take it seriously and think of others who’s immune system might not be as strong

    • Ryan’s Rides 916 // 13th March 2020 at 11:01 am //

      Madeleine Grayson I feel the exact same way and my energy is drained from arguing with bots on the internet about this stupid virus it’s unbelievable

  16. Bill Hates and his witch Melinda were granted patents for the Corona 19. Now they want to push vaccinations. These folks need a serious public hanging and all involved.

  17. jmb motorcycleexporter // 13th March 2020 at 8:05 am //

    There’s two ways to be a leader through manipulation and inspiration. You Sir are an inspiration.

  18. oh man..the last five seconds are the best thanks dad

  19. anyone remember sars in 2002 and 2004? swine flu in 2009 and 2010? where did they go? did the world get vaccinated? lol… it’s all utter lies, for fearmongering and distractions… nearly everyone affected was over 65 and already sick and ready to die from any kind of flu

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