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26 Comments on Detoxification The Art & Science Part One

  1. Ian Michael Myers // 7th July 2011 at 4:40 pm //

    Dan McDonald recommended to check out your channel and I have viewed every video you have made. They are very eye opening as well as helpful. I have also been using your herbal formulas and am feeling fantastic. I just wanted to send out a thank you. Imagine & Be

  2. @missnaturefae dont listen to those doctors. just eat as clean as you can. go on a fruit fast if possible

  3. Dear Dr Morse, thank you for everything, including my 2,5 hour visit at your office. Other than thank you for my better understanding, i would like you to know, it does not stop here. I’ve been passing your knowledge to others daily in my store, and can’t keep the herbal formulas on the shelves…they are flying out. You are amazing.

  4. First Doc, I wanna thank U for doing what a doctor is meant to do, as our English dictionary defines doctor as teacher. Hence university profs are doctors. Very few Drs. do. & none i’ve encountered emphasize it near to your degree. & so important for should-be obvious reasons, like care is ongoing & u cant be there 4 everyone at all times. Plus, health is independence. Notice how the reticence of mainscreamers fosters dependence. Nor were we meant 2 get on with business as usual in the 1st place

  5. @Jerrodswmhr Geez dude, like the 1st thing he says here is we can heal from anything. So I’m curious what he said or seemed 2 omit reflecting he’s clueless about epigenetics. Tho it would B understandable, as it is kinda new…at least outside the field, on the street, so 2 speak. It should follow from neuroplasticity that there’d then have 2 be a genetic plasticity. Then there was Barbara McClintock’s work on jumpin genes. All things the power$ that B would deny w/o public pressure

  6. many thanks for this video

  7. Just like religion.

  8. Anyone catch the name of the monks at the 6:40 mark? I am interested to learn about them. Thanks

  9. There is so much more to spirituality then what science can tell us… or that our brains can relay to us.

  10. @jerrodswmhr good point, there are no facts

    but I must ask, what does epigenetics have to do with this video? I don’t see the signifigance in bringing it up or your point for why he wouldn’t understand. Epigenetics are useful in the science of nutrition of course but I don’t see your relation to bringing it up.

  11. Huh? What i was talking about is denied by allopathy, because it would lead to people healing themselves thru focused, highly tactile rehab efforts, rather than by drugs or surgery. Of course that would be accompanied by simple foods & herbs, grown organically in polyculture & the heritage/heirloom varieties.

  12. I am pretty sure he said “Catholicism Monks”. He referenced them in another video.

  13. You’re so BaLLin’. Lovin’ the Videos

  14. Yes yes you are so right!!!! Im with you!

  15. Healthygreenwater // 18th June 2013 at 5:33 am //

    Your light is getting much brighter right now Dr Morse!

  16. Robert, what is your opinion of Dhealthstore(dot)com and/or Djehuty Ma’at Ra?

  17. You can find all searchable Dr Robert Morse’s videos with timestamps on

  18. Why are a lot of videos deleted ?

  19. Some people like to make things complicated and it shows they really do not know how the body operates. Dr. Morse knows and has helped many people get well.You are correct and this reforest4fertility is just confusing himself and others.

  20. How do you avoid losing too much weight while fasting / detoxification?

    • +ShroomFactory Move less. A necessary amount is inevitable, though…

    • any weight you lose while doing this is toxic fat and needs to be lost. Your body will go to it’s natural weight, don’t worry about being too skinny

    • John C. Rose says that if you provide your body with enough calories (in this case sugar) during a juice fast/feast, you won’t lose any lean body mass. Because sugar is the body’s preferred source of energy. Your body will run on sugar as long as there is any left in your “sugar tank”. When there is no sugar left in the sugar tank, your body shifts to breaking up your fats (and converts them into sugars if I’m not mistaking). Finally, only when you’ve totally run out of all the sugars and fats will the body start using your muscle tissue as an energy source.

      John always emphasizes that you shouldn’t worry about getting too much sugar on a juice fast/feast (That is if you don’t suffer from type 2 diabetes. Although there is a simple way for diabetics too). Rather make sure that you don’t get too little.

      And guess what. On this type of fast, you can work and be as productive as you always are. If anything, you’re probably gonna feel notably more energetic than usual 🙂

    • except the last sentence ur comment is right
      ur body will use ur lean body mass (muscles) not only if u eat too few calories but also if u eat too few proteins/aminoacids (u dont need much to sustain urself anyways…)
      and…well…100ish days or so on just 30g protein a day may not be perfect for muscle growth but hey….afterwards u can go crazy on green/veggie/sprout juices all u want!
      just keep in mind to drink a looooot….if u drink too few calories for too long of a time ull get into starvation mode (which is….just as little fun as it sounds like lol)….ull feel unsatiable hunger for a long while after the fast….its really really nasty
      shoot for at least 1500 calories a day but there is no “too much”…u can drink twice as much and be fine/better even
      integrate at least a bit of vegetables (doesnt necessarily be much) every now and then cuz fruit r pretty low in minerals/electrolytes (like calcium and sodium) cuz if u drink so much fluids (and possibly do some enemas along the way) u may wash out quite a bit of electrolcytes – ull notice this if u start craving things like vinegar (cuz ur body wants the acetic acid in it)

    • You dont fast if you dont wanna lose weight, its that simple.

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