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25 Comments on Diabetes- The Remedy Part 2

  1. what a breath of fresh air Dr. Morse is! thank you for being straight to the point Doc! This is coming from someone who has had chemo and radiation at age 19 (now 35). Now I just need to figure out what options I have for my 2nd inguenal hernia surgery and anethisia. I really don’t want to do it.

  2. You are amazing! Found you through Dan McDonald.

  3. Hey Dr. Thanks for the info . May I ask a few questions? Trying to overcome candida and hypoglycemia .

    I was advised to take pure herbs hyg-w and or o.c.-m , are these helpful for weak adrenal and good for arteries??

    Also, are digestive enzymes to be taken or not?
    Lastly what fruits in particular for hypoglycemia ??
    Thanks so much.

  4. Thank you for this information…who are the Canadian Dr’s that made this discovery of the nervous system. Thank you in adavance.

  5. Thanks doc…

  6. this man is a godsend. His cult status is fitting

  7. Hi, Type 1 diabetic here. Just some knowledge that I think you may find surprising. If I, or any type 1 diabetic for that matter, eat a piece of fruit without covering with insulin, my BG levels go through the roof. If I go a day without insulin, I die. There are no such things as “insulin free carbohydrates”. You are very wrong my friend….

    • A day without insulin and you die?  I don’t buy that buddy. More like weeks and months without insulin and you die all depending on what type of food you eat during that time.

    • You can go without insulin for way longer than a day, what the insulin needs to cover is the sugars that your liver produces, and the fats being used for energy getting converted into carbohydrates will compound the spike in glucose tests. After being on the fruit for a while you won’t have the same insulin needs and you’d be forced to lower the dosage or suffer the consequences….

  8. These videos are so great to watch as I sit here eating chicken fried rice and will top it off with chocolate … Lord have mercy 😀
    Merry Christmas !

  9. Genetic? Or generational vaccine injury?

  10. Bruno Cantoni de Andrade // 17th August 2015 at 9:02 pm //

    Pay attention first, you have to detox him said… do Enemas, bowel cleansing… and eat right, all this diabetes will go forever! The doctor is right!! people just want a magic pill, and don´t understand the details…

  11. wow i just watched your vid i am impressed!

  12. Saturated fat is what causes type2 diabetes. Odd that Robert Morsend didn’t mention that as well.

  13. icecreamlady driver // 5th November 2016 at 7:21 pm //

    What do you do when you actually need an opperation? Also, I have diabetes so how do I go on a fruit fast and what fruits do I eat? I hope you can find time to answer my question. Thanks

  14. I need to make an appointment with this Doctor! Now!

  15. kinda vague information on type 2…
    scary being type too and thinking bout a fruit eating way of life.

  16. I have been doing it all wrong. After being diagnosed with type 2, I attempted to eat only vegetables for 5 months, but didn’t eat much fruit because people kept telling me it was too much sugar. I had no idea that it was a different kind of sugar. I’ve had polio, and cancer, and I’m covered in fatty tumors. I’m going to start afresh and watch your videos.

  17. I don’t think eating fruit will make my pancreas produce insulin again

  18. How many gigs of information does this man have in his head?

  19. How long would the ‘glucose load” last for individual with type 1 diabetes? Does he suggest people with Type 1 stop taking insulin and only eat fruit?

  20. my god what ind of wisdom , i think he is god not doctor , doctor is too small name for morse. sooo much of goodness to society, my namaste

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