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15 Comments on Dr. Morse and Hilde 4-16-2019

  1. Love you guys! Thank you for everything you do. You are a legend Dr. Morse!

  2. I ♡ you guys! Thank you for sharing your knowledge with the world!! You saved my life xoxo

  3. You should have fed it fried chicken

  4. Blessings and thanks. I LOVE the releasing of familial blueprints, it’s bit unnerving, I wish I would’ve started 20 years ago.

  5. 2 videos in one day!!! Thank You Dr. Morse!

  6. I heard a father say to his kid “I can’t drink that it has too much sugar” when she asked him if he wanted a sip of her Gatorade…. it’s bad for YOU but you feed it to your kid. WILD.

  7. Great to hear these two speak. It’s great Hilde has done so much detox and can share w us.

  8. Amazing conversation! Hildas journey further inspires me and gets me excited on my healing journey!

  9. Hi! Have you helped with spinal cord injured people? I would love to hear your Input. Thank you!

  10. My diet isn’t even that clean, yet I’ve had several episodes of oozing through my hands and feet. Makes me nervous of what a perfect diet might awaken 🙁

  11. dr morse i’ll be forever grateful for what you did for me. you gave me the tools to pull myself out of a lifetime of pain and suffering and have for so many others. infinite love <3

  12. so most astringent / powerful fruits
    #1 – tree ripe sweet navel orange ( hard to find )
    #2 – organic dark grapes ( organic grapes are expensive for me )
    #3 – fully ripened watermelon ( pretty common in summertime grocery stores if you know how to pick them )
    I can’t find good oranges or grapes so i’ve been watermelon fasting and i’m feeling so amazing 🙂 thank you dr morse

  13. What about a whole lot of symptoms do to a rare disease no one can diagnosis everything in the body is disfunctioning it’s scary

  14. Living thing crawl put of her.
    No way

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