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43 Comments on Dr. Morse and Hilde April 2018

  1. Can’t watch she’s too irritating

    • and so much more than that, connect with essence.. it will stop any judgement..

    • Look how you keep returning to the comments though Aki Aka I have screenshots of your bitching on another video with Marcie from 2-3 weeks ago. You should stop trolling. You will get caught. So you and your friend Suzanna 2014 can both continue to return to the comments driving up the views for this lovely informative educational video that you can’t/won’t watch. Thank you.

    • She is not, its your resistance. She is just too excited and her energy is a bit to high which is okey, you just need a little more time to connect with her, i felt it too at first but then i observed my feelings closer and saw that it was my resistance because of her excitement and then i fell in love with her energy 🙂

    • Aki Aka you and miss negative Nancy here can go have a pity party! Have fun with your pathetic life

    • I wouldn’t encourage the close minded ways, they’ll come around, or maybe next time. The seeds are being planted. That helps.

  2. My two faves

  3. Im 90% fruits. melons. berries and vegetables and I’ll never go back to the SAD diet but I need to eat pizza in the astral plane. I’m trying every night.

  4. الصحة و الهنا // 18th April 2018 at 4:32 am //

    from Algeria …i love you dr morse

  5. hilde is awesome and great face of health. love her natural energy ✨✨✨✨

  6. I’ll see you in two weeks! I am jumping out of my skin with excitement. Can’t wait!!! Love you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. He looks so good.

    • But he will not let go of the blockage in his nose.

    • ytrebiLeurT He said in a video awhile back that he has a history of sinus issues due to dairy when he was younger. I forget exactly what he said but it was damaging to his sinuses and caused issues that he deals with still.

    • +Marie I thought that this problem must be very far back because it is so persistent. In order to resolve past events, one must go back to the time in which they occurred. This can not be achieved with nutrition but you have to do a therapy that is suitable to return the patient in this time.

      If you have a lack of nutrition as a fetus and as an adult permanently hunger, then you can eat as much as you want, the hunger never goes away because the nutrients must be fed to the fetus at the right time so that he can grow properly. A deficiency, such as tobacco or other drugs, prevents the absorption of nutrients and the fus gets depressions that are purely biological nature but are invisible to outsiders of course.

      Conversely it is possible that if the pregnant woman has a preference for sweets, the fetus will be imprinted on sweets and later on so-called addictions to sweets could be developed. But these are not addictions, but the body, the biological system is constantly endeavoring to find a balance for the experience of the lack of other nutrients.

  8. Dr Morse kept talking about Oranges in the past videos and while I liked them I only went to Oranges when everything was just out of season. I completely get it now. I am addicted to them. I juice anywhere between 8-10 (and eat the pulp) every single morning. My poor husband drags home giant bags of them for me now every week. I cant get enough and my energy is through the roof!!!

  9. StarShine LoveLightLover // 18th April 2018 at 5:55 am //


  10. Is Morse’s birthday today ? The 17th?

  11. I just want to learn from this ❤m❤a❤n❤!!! I’m going to search right now on internet for his school. Greetings from Croatia and thank you! ❤

  12. Wow Hilde looks incredible! So much love for both of you!

  13. Please stop interrupting him, you have a lot to share too and I love it. But I want to hear all he has to say!

    • Well how selfish? He has her there to speak so you learn to be accepting to truth in its many forms including hers. You say you want to hear all he has to say? What about supporting his decision to have her share her experiential wisdom? You want to hear? Stop focusing on things you can’t control or stuffing your mind with wants and desires. You will hear with clarity. There’s over 400 videos. You have plenty of time to hear The Master Guide so to speak. If you start now you can finish them by the end of next year.

  14. I love Dr. Robert Morse . Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your free teaching. I am seeing you on your next seminar just have too. ❤️


  16. South West France, one year and half on raw food, did the 14 weeks protocols, feeling good and growing loads of fruits melons and veg in the garden. Watching the vid and drinking heal all /3 lungs tea, yes you are right we go 2 to 3 times a week without breakfast so eating less. Love and light THANK YOU god I wish I could hug you both but what am I talking out I can hug you from anywhere in the world, feel the love.

  17. Hilde is an Aryan goddess!

  18. I’m the proof it truly does happen. I’m only 102 days in on the correct food but I have come from my death bed to up and ready for my life to continue. Love you guys so much.

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