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14 Comments on Dr. Morse and Hilde October 2017

  1. Dr. Morse has open the eyes of many and is changing the world consciousness for all ,
    The positive and negative goes in alchemy as in being out of balance [ your lymphatics and your memory blood system , the perspective of mental training your thoughts to balance and to make the charge within the cell , if one should ever view the cell workings acting out will have a change of heart as Dr Morse, all phyrama are low frequency vibratory , it pulls your ability to see truth, blocks your reasoning , Dr, Morse tell cleaning out the toxins will unleash your beingness to higher consciousness .
    Wow when the truth he is telling hits you it’s so simple he could tell a six year old and the young one would be fluent in his version, tell the young one quantum particles and see what they say . All Dr. Morse proves his words.

  2. “Dr.”-yeah right.

  3. Sacred Sound Tribal connections // 24th October 2017 at 9:09 pm //

    Aww Hilde I love youuu, got me chuckling¬!:p

  4. #MiraiNikki

  5. WOW Hilde is absolutely glowing!! What a wonderful soul she is!

  6. With all due respect this was like watching a long argument. She constantly interrupts and speaks in a frantic way. It feels like she’s yelling at us—she’s not motivating like he is. I’ve watched every one of his videos and I’m a client but this video was draining. And they came down to hard on “Veronica”. She’s just a person like so many others who has heard “the truth” from copious sources claiming every other “truth” is wrong, just like Heidi and Doc are saying now. In this day and age the “truth” is hard to see. What makes us see the truth through Dr. Morse is that he educates

  7. Can’t wait to listen to this

  8. Veronica you got him all fired up.. Lol, He knows what he’s talking about.

  9. My Dad is just like Veronica! They took his gallbladder today and there was not way he was gonna believe anyone other than the allopathic doctors. I simply just told him I’ll pray for him but I disagree with his decision to let them take it. I tried to get him on fruits a month go and shared many Dr. Morse videos with him. He doesn’t ‘believe’ he can turn his body around…. so sad!

  10. Oh you’ll notice something. eat only fruit for even 2-3 days straight and you’ll notice something. Especially grapes with lemon juice on them.

  11. My testimonial: I injured my back skiing in April which gave me a painful sciatica that would not go away. I went to Dr Morse’s channel and watched a video that told me to eat melon and salad. In less than 5 days the pain was gone. He is a legend.

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