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12 Comments on Dr. Morse, Anubuddha, & Anasha – 10/31/2018

  1. I love you dr morse

  2. I love you you sp much xxx

  3. A pleasure each time to find you healthy and able to give us your golden advice and information, Dr Morse.

  4. These people are Masons in a upper degree and regardless how innocent it looks and how powerful some of there witch craft is in healing there Daddy is Satan there angel of Light …who is just really a tool of the MOST HIGH ..Herbs fruit and green is the dietary law from Above there witch craft is to get u to follow there philosophy that is not the true High ROAD ! That lady showed who she worships right in your face Satan and gave it honor on air We the true believers SEE this so clear hope you do also people .They also made this Video on October 31 there high Holy day to much to explain this is a nut shell explanation in what is being on show here they bring up the elite to make u believe they are against the system people like this are pure evil…… its true deception at a higher level and they have prepobate minds cursed by The MOST HIGH ..

    • So what’s the truth then?

    • Truth is follow the dietary laws of the Holy Scriptures and also remember The Most High said in the Holy Scripture Herbs are for the healing of the Nations .. trust me eat right your body will heal it self and serve the True Almight of Creation not Satan hiding in the name of GOD …GOD it self is a name of Satan to much to text buddy search the Holy Scriptures not American Christianity ..which is a whole different subject another false tool capture ur energy ..anyways you have been told what to do so simple u mite even over look what i said

    • +Herby Lify do you follow Torah?

    • Geraldine Hallelujah // 1st November 2018 at 11:15 pm //

      If Dr Morse offend you Do not watch this channel ! He didn’t break none of the Commandments on the contrary he teaches with love….
      Go ahead and eat what you eating..This is not for you!

    • Sorry to see your suffering so badly!Pay attention you could learn how to live a healthy life!

  5. God Bless this man. Thank you for spreading the truth and awakening a new thinking free movement. I love you Dr Morse! <3

  6. Geraldine Hallelujah // 1st November 2018 at 10:49 pm //

    Slaughter houses …hmm I know now what to say to the cashier’s ! Lol
    Lots of love to you Dr Morse

  7. PlaceOfTheFirstTime Tuat // 1st November 2018 at 11:02 pm //


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