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11 Comments on Dr. Morse’s Quackwatch: Who’s the Real Quack

  1. thank you for your time 🙂 sending blessings to you

  2. Extra happy day when a video comes out on a Friday. Your are blessing us with a special gift. Thank you for your wisdom and knowledge and loving us. You saved my life. And many lives. We could never repay you
    When I become rich I will help your clinic!!!!!!! Have a wonderful weekend everyone. Fruit saves lives !!!!

  3. Thank you Doc! Always good to see you! BLESS UP!

  4. just came across vortex water today i like what i’m seeing 🙂

  5. Thank you Dr Morse. I am so glad you are directly addressing this guy as well as the many hubristic allopathic creeps that get away with their misdiagnoses, prescription writing always in lieu of any kind of intelligent dietary lifestyle change that includes regeneration and detoxification and rebuilding, and their always horrific parroting of bad advise. You always get a thumbs up.

  6. I love “Quackwatch”… I learn about all kinds of great stuff…

  7. One thumb down? Must’ve been a misclick! 😉

  8. All your videos are so knowledgeable, but this one is the best of all. Get em sir! I’ve been livingnyour way for 2 months now, and it’s life changing to the good.

  9. Just completed my detox of 4 months organic oranges. With lots of organic herbs as i needed to. Eyes cleared right up.!

  10. Chemotherapy is criminality. It’s vandalism. It’s murder. More severe than insanity.

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