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21 Comments on Ear Candling – A How To Guide

  1. Best ear candling video out there. Thank you soooo much! Been wanting to try this for a while, but didn’t feel like I had good enough instruction. Love to you all!!

  2. Great video, I’ve heard of people saying these do not work, but I am going to give them a shot!

  3. Thank you! ive been wanting to try these for so long!

  4. Really good demonstration, thanks!

  5. Awesome. Will do this at home 🙂

  6. mate i heard this ear candle was scam plenty of hard evidence on this

  7. the burnt wax at thee end is that not just the candle itself that has melted down at the bottom?

  8. Very good tutorial! Thanks a lot:)

  9. I had so much stuff I had to use three, felt great!

  10. WOW thank you!!!
    Had no idea it could do all that!!!

  11. fascinating! Ty for sharing

  12. Goof tip about the number of candles per ear you can use. I didn’t realize there might be enough for 4 candles per earr!

    A foil pie pan or even a big foil tray might be better than a paper plate for fire prevention anyway. Also you can make your own garlic oil. with crushed raw garlic marinated in olive oil Just put some drops of it in the ear while lying on your side with an eye dropper before bed After it has had a chance to drip down the canal, cover the canal entrance with part of a rolled up cotton ball during sleep. In the morning remove and discard cotton ball.

  13. So how do you avoid the soot from the candle dropping in the ear canal? I tried this once and the yellow soot from the candle burning that was visible when cutting the candle open was in my ear as well. Just wondering how to avoid that and how it could be healthy having this soot fall into the ear during the procedure. I really do respect robert morse and trust his recommendations, but from my experience i have my doubts about ear candling.

  14. thank you I always wounded how you do that : )

  15. hopespringseternal70 // 9th October 2015 at 5:05 pm //

    thank you!

  16. Sometimes I am God, if I say a man dies, he dies that same day // 7th November 2015 at 3:47 am //

    After ear candling, I can now understand what jay z is saying in his raps. Nice.

  17. Wow that’s really cool!

  18. Handy Dandy……

  19. May also help pull out heavy metals from your blood caused by tattoos.

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