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  1. hey there love your vids robert. I’ve noticed lately that i have red dot on my right eye just top left of pupil would love to no why? also tiny red blood blisters around chest area!

    • Could be a drug deposit. Follow me @eyeronic_iridologist on instagram. I could read eyes from there. I also have many examples of my readings

  2. I have learned SO much today! thank you!!!

  3. the last eyes look like my own w.the skin ring. i have to say that my ring gets smaller and lighter at times. last week or so it became dark like in those pics and after it did my eczema flared up. the eyes really do not lie

  4. .. eyes at 1:36

  5. legalizenebraska // 2nd July 2014 at 6:43 pm //

    I think she should be Wheat free… too.

  6. Love your knowledge !
    I’ve noticed these red moles on my skin. Any idea what their from? What can i do to stop this? Some are raised most are just under the skin…my father had something simular.. thanks for your time susannah

  7. Thanks so much Doc. Great educational video!

  8. MsWatcheverything // 19th July 2014 at 8:33 pm //

    “Lets just fry yur face of so you can grow a new one” Lol that really is pretty insane !

  9. Thank you, Dr Morse, for the review of my eyes. Now Im 7 months MOSTLY vegan. Going on total vegan RAW TILL4 since yesterday! And I’ve sent you new pictures of my eyes 🙂

  10. I’ve learned so much…..thanks so much for posting :))

  11. How or do you have a way to send pics of the yes and have that read? I see nothing on the website to purchase the reading.

  12. I loved you and admired dr.moore.You’re a doctor unlike any doctors there is,you’re said everything about why people’s getting sick and illnesses so incredible.I’d like to show my gratefully to you have existence!

  13. How can eyesight be Recured to 20/20, I seen only 2 serious Options, Sungazing or Using Urine. WOULD DITOXIFICATION be the answer

  14. Dr Robert Morse is AWSOME! He got that right! Im 7 months Raw till 4 now (Freelee the Banana girl diet). Lots of Smoothies from 08:30 AM (breakfast) to 12:30 PM (lunch) , salad for last hour of lunch and dinner. I go fully raw at least once a week and mostly, RAW till 4. After 4PM, I eat cooked potatoes, gnhoc, rice, beans, broccoli etc. I avoid flours of any type. But sometimes I eat gluten free meals. My eyes begin to reveal my irides fibers now! I can see them show somewhat GREEN and LIGHT-GREEN! He was so right about my constitution! I am so thankful for him Im now taking Jensen’s based IRIDOLOGY Classes now here in Sao Paulo, Brazil. God Bless you Dr Robert Morse.

  15. carmen schwertnerstoffel // 3rd August 2015 at 6:52 pm //

    Hoje 03/08/15 vou começar anotr o meu Diário de alimentos

  16. can you give my eyes a review?

  17. Your the best Dr..ever !!!

  18. our bodies shows every sign and were not listening!

  19. what to take for malabsorption, I have that brown ring around pupil.


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