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22 Comments on Fasting, Enemas, & Colonics Part 1

  1. Doc M.. you are the best!

  2. thank you . you are so kind and wonderfull. xxx

  3. You are so afraid dear one, dont be. By the sounds of it you have never fasted in your life so how can you even begin to make a comment about it? Just shows your ignorance.
    First try fasting then comment all you want then their will be some weight to what you might say.
    Have a wonderful day! 😀

  4. i see the insight on the scripture in the book shelf u a brother?

  5. so youre saying cancer has to happen on a specific year , month even day in someones life? its destiny? I dont think its that decided. If you are open to everything going wrong. youre on the way to ill health.

  6. The best diet for humans is a LIVING foods diet composed of FRUITS and VEGETABLES. Living foods have energy within which nourish you to health and longevity.
    LIFE brings LIFE and death brings death.
    Dr. Robert Morse has a wealth of information on this subject, he is very wise.

    Repeating numbers are synchronizations within your reality.
    It means you are becoming in tune with the existence.
    Yes I see them every day! 🙂

  7. I notice centenraians and supercentenarians eat a little meat and eggs. is this okay. you have to admit they are doing pretty good. i see repeating numbers 11:11, 444 etc, i know someone online who was born on the 7th and sees 777 everyday, can i ask which number you see most often. Thanks for your response.

  8. It depends on the situation that Im in…
    1111 or 555 or 777 or 222 or 1110… It is related to what you are thinking feeling doing etc. 🙂

  9. Thank you, are all of these numbers positive? loving numbers? 1111 or 555 or 777 or 222 or 1110, … are these numbers holding a message, trying to guide, or trying to bring us together, all of the people who experience them? its really weird, when i buy something at the shop it will add upto 7 pounds 77, or 11 pounds 11, are we all lightworkers who see these numbers,

  10. I would say anybody who lives spiritually and uses Universal LOVE from within our HEART to bring LIGHT to places of darkness with ignorance and superstitions is considered a LIGHTworker. We who recognize this are here from different dimensions to bring back LOVE & LIGHT back to this beautiful planet. 🙂

    As for the numbers, these are synchronicity moments like “perfect timing”.
    For example, you happen to be thinking about going to a place and all of a sudden “1111” pops up. Becoming in TUNE.

  11. @ Sebastian, Yes! Your keyboard’s working fine! 🙂

  12. You said “Science has proven that the fat we eat is the fat we store” What science ? It is not true. Any reference ? Please.

  13. where do u think u get the fat u store? thin air>?

  14. ever heard of the maxim “if you aint got nothing good to say dont say anything”

  15. SOooooooooooooooooooooo, NO to Coffee Enemas?

    • galadis123 try it for yourself and se…many many attets to its benefits! !

    • after 35 days of daily coffee enemas it felt really hard to get out of bed (like real hard)
      before that i thought adrenal fatigue wasnt real
      but then i know it was lol
      i kept doing daily coffee enemas until day 42 of my current juice fast
      im still pretty tired on day 50 now ;p
      i wonder when my poor adrenals recover – but i bet soon
      “+1 detox -1 adrenals” so to say hehe

    • Still no clear answer on y/n to coffee enemas

      99.9% of all articles and YouTube are Pro-Coffee Enemas

  16. Hey man I was wondering about your opinion on eye floaters? does the lymph system clear them out once it takes priority?

  17. Thank you Dr. Morse. You and your office are amazing. Your herbs are heaven sent. <3

  18. Am just starting on fruit diet, been vegetarian since age 14, vegan since 30, mostly raw since age 36, occasional slip ups with a little unpasteurized sheep cheese, and cooked veggies. But always been a salad freak, I just love all tender leaves from oak leat, mustard leaves, herbs like coriander etc, I stayed away from fruits, not eaten much of them lately, I have more of a salty taste than sweet, saying that am addicted to raw chocolate, and have it everyday, and I always sweeten my vinaigrette for salads, I use oilive oil, a little tamari and black salt plus a little maple syrup. I suppose the lack of fruit in my diet has made me do this. So started today, 2 papayas, grapes, a banana, then olives, then salad with red pepper ttomato, tender leaves and alfalfa sprouts with my usual sauce. Am gonna go easy stil doing evening salads, rest of day all fruit, then build it up and try do only grapes for a week, then go back on fruits with one salad at night, and hopefully if I can source good fruit ( am in the uk ) not easy, apart from lemons which I do almost everyday, I press 2 lemons in morning and drink that, am not into citrus fruits, but I love papaya, durian, dragon fruit, things like peaches are horrible in the uk, and am not keen on apples unless juice them, I juice abt 3 times a week with apples, coriander, turmeric, celery and lemons x I must have good genes am 52 almost and look half my age but started to get a little dermatitis at back of head, and chronicle fatigue x love you, yes I can see that fruits are the way. What do u think of breatharianism, once u have cleaned out for years on fruit ?

  19. Amazing. Very inspirational. Great voice.

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