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29 Comments on Fibromyalgia, Lupus, Lyme Disease and Chronic Fatigue Part Three

  1. Third kidney being the skin. LOVE It! I’m doing your detox and it’s coming out my skin, which is why your staff gave me a stronger kidney and lymph formula. Yeah!!!!

  2. I gotta say, taking digestive enzymes has helped MANY people including my family. Primarily because of weakness and after we fix organs we’ll consider going off of them. Yikes

  3. I don’t mind eating fruits to clean out, but I found out that I have small gallstones, a little fat in the liver filtration, and after I eat my muscles hurt after I eat food, especially my calves. No one can figure out my digestive issue. Help!

  4. I have tried eating fruit and i have lyme disease. It just makes me extremely dizzy and if eat too much i get panic attacks and skin pains and it increases symptoms in general. I have tried and failed in the fruit area. I have not eaten fruit in over 2 years , except maybe 6 o 7 times. I take ester-c every day about 6 pills a day. But eating fruit has always been a symptom increasing for me.

  5. What would one with ALS do once their morning urine pH becomes TOO alkaline and they’re suffering from acidosis

  6. The third kidney is your skin…Interesting! I have Keritan coming out of my skin or “chicken skin”.

  7. Awsome 🙂 love this guy!!!

  8. I had a semi late case of lyme disease. Took almost 2 weeks to get diagnosed and get the antiobiotics after the rings showed up. I was so very sick. To the point i had developed arthritis in my knees and literally couldnt walk or stand enough to urinate in the toilet. I also had bells palsy. But these were temporary and luckily went away. However for up to a couple years after i had pain in the back of my knees when bending down. That went away. But now i have popping/cracking knees. What to do?

  9. Is it true that lyme stays in the body longterm because of its spiral shape embedding itself in cells? So if i detox i will be able to get the rest of this out of me and allow my joints to heel?

  10. wow, iam speachless, so much value , thankyou so much

  11. Ive been with you a while now Doc.M !!! Im having a healing crises, so Thought id go back and rewatch videos . Your Info Is so needed … Love you !!!!! HUGS

  12. Im on antibiotics for lyme.. Can I do raw fruits and veggies on them without having candida problems?

  13. Antibiotics have been given for repeated allergy and sinus but the antibiotic also helped the fibromyalgia and arthritic pain. Shortly after taking antibiotics, I’m back to square one with all over body pain, my mom too, with chronic fatigue and stomach problems. I will start eating nothing but fruit for a while. Fruit only I’m assuming. I’m so glad I found you because anti inflammatory hasn’t helped and pain medicine is destroying me and my mom’s body. I’m so tired of being sick. God bless you for everything that you do.

  14. So how do I move the acid out? I was going to get a rebounder, but was listening to this and think I might hurt more!

  15. where do you find good fruits? everything has chemicals.

  16. I’ve actually been where I could not sweat. I had rashes, for sure, but, regardless of whether a rash was present, I did not sweat and I almost never could exfoliate because nothing was coming off. The dead skin was just sticking right on, clogging things up further.

    I found when I could eat a lot more salads (because, back then, I still believed most fruits were to be avoided) and maybe low sugar fruits, I would finally start sweating. And, got to the point, when I was only eating non-starchy vegetables for a wee while, where I could go out in the sunshine and not be miserable . I didn’t even get burnt and the heat felt nice, instead of horrible. It was like a dream, because, it didn’t seem possible.

    I’ve had many set backs and illnesses, since then, trying to figure things out. What I am being led to, more and more, as I pray for guidance from Jehovah God, is exactly what is in the Bible for those who care to look.

    Raw fruit, first and foremost; simple greens second; maybe some nuts and seeds here and there. Meat is actually allowed and wheat is actually considered a staple food (but, real wheat, not this GMO stuff), but, torturing animals and feeding them bad things is not. And, no scavenger animals were allowed by Mosaic Law, which makes sense, with what is being said about acid being waste. Scavengers would be more acid than other animals. And, of course, gluttony was not allowed, but, from the beginning, one could eat from the fruit of the trees to satisfaction.

    It’s all there, if you know how to look.

    It was because of very specific prayers, looking for information, last night, that I ended up here, this morning. Watching videos, stirring my grape juice and water, waiting until I have dry fasted at least 12 hours before drinking it, gaining knowledge.

  17. An11erzLoveAndLight 88 // 3rd March 2019 at 1:48 pm //

    Can people on long term meds fast or does one have to stop them???

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