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11 Comments on Fibromyalgia, Lupus, Lyme Disease and Chronic Fatigue Part Two

  1. I hope there’s a part 3! Seems some info at the end was cut off

  2. I have read alot of books but I have learned more from you in a short time than I ever have in my life.You put things in a comprehendable way that is easy to grasp. I feel more empowered because of you. I love & respect you, & You are my favorite teacher.

  3. Oh the clients I see with these issues, it makes me sad. I had a client yesterday who had lymphoma cancer, cut, burn and removal of lymph. No one told her to stop drinking MILK!!! Thank you for educating us out of genuine love of us and humanity. Thank you!

  4. If G O D can’t even handle the simple bite of a tick – how handle deuvil then?

  5. The first 4 minutes overlap with the part one video.

  6. Wow! Dr Morsend. You are great. I’m so glad I found these videos. Thank you so much.

  7. How does one go about cleaning the body for cataracts? I know the connection of kidneys to the eyes, so is it logical to do the lymph/adrenal remedies for the eyes or are there other remedies? I’ve also made and have been using the vinegar/honey/distilled water drops. Thanks for your help/

  8. So glad I found you

  9. “We don’t poop in our kitchens” – Dr Robert Morse 2011

  10. Ok, can a person alkline with fruits and veggies from the local produce in wal mart? I am on a budget of 1,000 a month.
    Can Alkine cire Optic displasya disorders and Seizures?

  11. How can my gf keep iodine in the body during Alkline?

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