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G2Voice #016 Malaria the #1 killer in history cured! 1/1/17


Happy New year may God the Creator bless you.
In this episode we will be talking about Malaria the #1 Killer in the world and how it has been cured.


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5 Comments on G2Voice #016 Malaria the #1 killer in history cured! 1/1/17

  1. Nikki Hetherington // 1st January 2017 at 5:50 pm //

    I have personal experience of MMS curing malaria for a friends son….him and his girlfriend got hospitalized with malaria when they returned from India, he took MMS and his girlfriend refused because she was scared of it (as most are) he was released the next day feeling like he’d never been ill. It was a while before she was released and well again, she suffered unnecessarily in my opinion …but at the end of the day we always have a choice 🙂 G2 voice has many recordings about different subjects..make up your own mind up, are they are crazy religious nuts making their people drink bleach or they are genuine people trying to inform the world that there is another way? I know where I stand 🙂 happy new year guys xxx

  2. Guys – there is no video on this broadcast – the Jim Humbles video about MMS and malaria and red cross is not showing, where it should – only audio is present.

  3. What should i do to heal bipolar ocd add depression and parasites??

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