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G2Voice #018 Autism, A Vaccine Injury? 1-15-17


This episode we will be talking about Autism. Is it a vaccine injury?

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Vaccine/Autism Connection I’ve Ever Heard!
Vaccine Fraud And “Herd Immunity” Explained:
• Dr. Mercola and Barbara Loe Fisher – Herd Immunity

• Vaccine Herd Immunity Lie Exposed

• Expert Pediatrician Discusses Herd Immunity:
• Dr. Tenpenny discusses why herd immunity doesn’t apply to vaccines and more

• Epidemiologic and Molecular Relationship Between Vaccine Manufacture and Autism Spectrum Disorder Prevalence.

• Vaccine Fraud And “Herd Immunity” Explained
• Dr. Mercola and Barbara Loe Fisher – Herd Immunity

• Vaccine Herd Immunity Lie Exposed

• Expert Pediatrician Discusses Herd Immunity:
• Dr. Tenpenny discusses why herd immunity doesn’t apply to vaccines and more

• 7 reasons CDC employees should be “crying in the hallways”
• HORRORS OF VACCINATION BY Dr. Schieferdecker 1870

Dr. Collins, twenty years vaccine physician in London and Edinburgh, writes “ There really exists no change in the virulent character of the small-pox notwithstanding the vaccination-laws; and of those attacked by the disease at the least two-thirds were satisfactorily vaccinated.” He adds: If I had the desire to describe one-third of the victims ruined by vaccination, the blood would stand still in your veins. I have not the least confidence in vaccination; it nauseates me, for it transfers often filthy and dangerous diseases from one to another, without offering any protection whatever.”

14 Comments on G2Voice #018 Autism, A Vaccine Injury? 1-15-17

  1. God bless you ! And God Bless Jim Humble! I read his first book soon after
    publication.. He continued to press on through so much adversity to help
    people heal from many, many health problems. I have both his books and
    Poking forward to when his most current one is available in hard copy.❤️

  2. MSG sends my son into SIB meltdowns, beating himself about the head and
    face. It is in processed foods, fast foods, snack foods, etc. as well as
    injected into our babies! CRIMINAL!

  3. DTP is given multiple times from2 months on. My son got his first MMR at 18
    months resulting in drastic changes (severe autism) within 4 days.
    Diagnosed at 22 months after much testing.

  4. Please help me with MMS .I’ve watched the video’s….o I need to no where I
    can buy it from or do I have to make it ? I live in Australia.

    if I have to make it , is it ?

    80% sodium Cholorite ( Flakes or power ) 280 ml
    Distilled water 720 ml

    is the activator ?

    50% Citric acid
    4% HCL ( Hydrochoric acid )

    Please help me as I have Emphysema and I do not smoke…
    I understand the Emphysema is a pathogen , so I have a good chance of
    stopping this .
    Ive just come home from hospital after another surgery , and they have
    taken more of my lung off , again.
    Please help me to get the MMS as I have a baby girl 4 years old that needs
    her mummy.
    Please help me.
    Faithfully Lisa

  5. Any hope with mms to cure the Crohn? Please

  6. Mark, this us army article I found proves what your saying is 100% correct!
    and they admit MMS is safe and effective.. this article is absolute proof!
    just wait til you read it,, your going to be very very Happy!!

  7. Being a middle-aged person who has recently woken up to the fact that I’ve
    been lied to my whole life I’ve been fed toxins and poisons in every way
    possible everyone and anyone who doesn’t wake up to these things usually
    dies early in life they end up sick and diseased and need to take all kinds
    of medications because they don’t know any better this is a really bad
    situation that we’re in as as a species as humans as brethren as brothers
    and sisters this is terrible… I am blessed truly blessed to have found
    this because it makes total sense it’s an it’s just so it’s a no-brainer
    and I’ve seen the Miracles this thing his work for thousands of people and
    I’m in in like Flynn I’m actually excited because I’m going to give it a
    try and I’m hoping it will work a miracle with me and we’ll see what
    happens I will Repost results I’m an optimistic person not a pessimistic
    person I give everything a chance if it makes sense and this makes a lot of
    sense thank you so much

  8. For a good introduction to MMS for you, friends and family; please watch
    our documentary:
    You can study all the MMS Protocols with us in our On-line Video Course:
    G2Church membership:
    For Sacramental Products:
    Listen to us each Sunday at 10AM CST at:
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    will be able to “restore health” from ANY dis-ease.
    If you are healthy then it will help you “maintain” that health in a
    toxic world.
    Lord bless, Mark

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