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G2Voice #124 – Is making poison to the body cheaper the answer to healthcare? 1/27/2019


This week we are talking about why lowering the price of medications not the answer to health.

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1 Comment on G2Voice #124 – Is making poison to the body cheaper the answer to healthcare? 1/27/2019

  1. President Trump has no clue, like all of us who now are learning , so he thinks he is doing good by the people, can you imagine if he shut down all drug companies, with all the people who have no clue either, they would hang him in the public square, it will take time for the whole country to learn, we should pray someone leads him to your broadcast, or better yet that you could have a meeting with him. Hes not perfect but he is doing better for our country than any other president had ever done, hes not perfect, but neither are we, without him in power we would eventually all be led to our death, because that is what the deep has planned especially Christians first no different than the holocaust. I thank God every day he is in their trying against all odds to rid our country of the deep state Satanist.

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