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G2Voice Broadcast #122 – Is there an Acidity/Alkalinity balance in the body? 1-13-2019


This week we are talking about how the body balances Acidity and alkalinity…

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3 Comments on G2Voice Broadcast #122 – Is there an Acidity/Alkalinity balance in the body? 1-13-2019

  1. Can you eliminate kidney stones with mms protocol? Or can you eliminate those with vegetarianism?

  2. I agree everything you say, including the liver cleanse etc God gave us all food to eat. Luke 10:8 eat whatever is set before you. Except eating Meat with its life still in it, blood running like drinking blood. Jesus ate fish cows, lamb, bread etc without montaseto feed and chemicals etc obviously. But I do think that for a limited time a grape cleanse is good say 3 to 6 weeks max once a year, or if you have a life threatening illness. And fasting just water up to 21 days religious reasons or not. And dry fasting under the right conditions 1 day every few days and max 3 days at a time under supervision. I think the best cleanse on earth is MMS1 & MMS2 Protocol 2000 starting with a liver cleanse and eating grapes for 21 days while on protocol 2000 and Indian herb in the evening or essiac tea. I’m starting tomorrow for melignant melanoma cancer bigger than a golf ball on my head matasised to my neck lymph nodes. Will keep everyone updated how it goes. Gonna do the MMS1 & DMSO on the skin. MMS2 orally. After 6 weeks gonna do a parasite Turpentine & Castor Oil cleanse. Then a heavy metal cleanse with Sodium Thiosulfate and Ascorbic Acid. Taking photos and videos of the whole thing then will upload and do a site when done with scans, biopsy reports etc gonna be a good experiment.

  3. Glad you guys are back on I was suffering withdrawals, lol I like the videos better just sayin. Thanks for reading my testimonial.

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