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G2Voice Broadcast 123: Why Health Nuts are NUTS! 1-20-19

This week we are talking about why health nuts are nuts.

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6 Comments on G2Voice Broadcast 123: Why Health Nuts are NUTS! 1-20-19

  1. Do you eat the raw egg milk and cheese when doing mms?

  2. Buried Truth Is a Seed // 22nd January 2019 at 5:30 pm //

    Just a heads up (don’t kill the messenger) your thumbnail shows you making the 666 sign. I know you are a believer in the most high and a child of God and you are aware of what satan is doing on earth and how his minions use signs and symbols to speak to each other.
    I would hate for anyone to see your thumbnail and throw the baby out with the bath water just because you gestured with your hands in a certain way.
    Love your Truth and your protocols… God Bless! ❤️

  3. I want to express gratitude and thanks for the platform you provide. MMS is a healing substance. I would like to express an alternate point of view re the “health nuts”. When one is diagnose with cancer, there is a lot suddenly going on with that person. They have death stress and a doctor that wants to immediately begin standard medical treatment involving tests, chemo, radiation and likely surgery. There is often pressure from family and friends to follow this path. Deciding not to follow the standard treatment takes courage in overcoming great fear because there is no one to really help provide alternative information to the individual. They also frequently face well meaning family and friends who strongly discourage them from taking their health into their own hands. Deciding to find a solution/treatment other than chemo, radiation etc takes hours of research. This is a person who knows it is the body’s immune system that heals, not chemo. One my find the Gerson Therapy in their search for example. Food and supplements are the main protocol among other things. The person knows it is the food that will allow the body to heal. Eating well and taking supplements to heal cancer does not make them “health nuts” Finding out about MMS is difficult. It is not the first thing that comes up in a google search for healing cancer or anything else for that matter. You guys are aware of this difficulty. So when a diet is not working, you keep searching deeper for help. When a person finds out about MMS, it has been through more hours of research, more hours of investigation to understand it and faith to proceed with it in the face of intense opposition by mainstream media. I find the term “health nut” akin to name calling and therefore disrespectful. The journey to find and use MMS can be a long and difficult one. I ask for kindness and consideration to the folks who come to you. Many of them who do will be the people who have tried diet to overcome their illnesses because we know it is the body and heals the body. The others, bless them, follow the path of chemo etc because they have full confidence in the treatment and are ignorant of other methods or choices. And that is ok too because it is their choice.

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