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16 Comments on Happy Friday 6-5-2020

  1. Julianne Bremner - Door2Raw // 6th June 2020 at 11:29 am //

    Wow The timing of this video coming to me right now is uncanny. I’ve been experiencing this shift in emotional relationships. And I’m happy to be in my power of self love to not crumble when the relationship moves on in different directions. Instead I feel very grateful for the lessons of learnt, all past loves have been some of my greatest teaches and I bless them all. I’m happy to be at peace with myself and be a light for others too. Thanks Morse, love you you!

  2. When I meet you in person I will hug you and tell you, looking into your eyes, that I love YOU dr Morse!!! God bless you!

  3. It’s sad, (well, edit, it is what it is :D) , I was always serious, as a child, I feel I only knew childishness bathed in seriousness about everything… Childlikeness was gone from my red, burning, lymph stagnated, spirit.
    I am glad to be on a healing journey now, it’s been tough, but it’s so much easier, nicer, cooler and fun to be healing rather than not.

  4. Yes 15 yr relationship ending…still love but we aren’t growing together..

  5. stop caring… sooo important haha. thanks doc, love ya. Been seeing you in my dreams quite a bit 🙂 Cant wait to give you a big hug someday! Anyone else feel like they are here to help the world get well?

  6. 33:11 to 33:43
    THAT is as simple as it gets
    and should be read to everyone

  7. I grew up on a farm and riding horses my entire life. I know what it’s like it’s the best way to grow up!

  8. I know a girl that had her ear bitten off by an horse.

  9. EpicDreams forMoms // 6th June 2020 at 12:57 pm //

    Thank you! I’m struggling with depression which is, I think, caused by me not feeling like I’m good enough for anyone. I need to find love within. It sounds a lot easier than it is. I needed your words of inspiration. Again thank you!

  10. Plant Based Ethos // 6th June 2020 at 7:36 pm //

    Beautiful and inspiring as always! Have a great weekend everyone, stay strong!

  11. Whenever I’m having a healing crisis I watch your videos and it calms me down. You’re the greatest Dr Morse! Thank you for giving us your wisdom.

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