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11 Comments on Hello From Dr. Morse 10-8-2020

  1. The Real Juicy Detox // 8th October 2020 at 9:18 pm //

    Hello my dear one. We love you to pieces Dr. Morse! Thank you for your time and effort and expertise. The new changes to the formulas sounds amazing. Can’t wait!!

  2. Looking great Doc! Wish I had half of this mans energy and enthusiasm.

  3. Does anyone know how Dr Morse feels about vasectomies?

    • Probably doesn’t recommend it… Invasive procedures like this are not in line with nature/evolution… Your lineage has evolved without that procedure for however long… You should not stray from evolution.

  4. I WISH I could buy Kidney tea! You come out with a GREAT product that I was able to sample only to not be able to buy it again!! I hope that you can catch up so that the healing tea blends become more available. 🙂

  5. Hello Dr. Morse and Friends❣️
    What a blessing to be among you all — I am learning so much and feeling the love❣️

  6. My life has definitely changed for the good!

  7. Totally down to learn more !! let’s gooo!!!!

    Would love to know the most nourishing herbs to grow at our rainforest retreat we are building in mission beach QLD
    Above the already powerfull nettles and dandelions etc

  8. Dr Joel Ferman would have a disagreement with Beans … Dr. Joel Ferman on YOU TUBE…. plant based high nutrient dense diet . Eyes mind heart and soul wide open no fear. Love Robert

  9. Stripped a 35 year relationship this year too, lots of changes all around me and with me now, scary but awesome at the same time! Great video! where do we find the podcasts?

  10. CPS Conscious Survivor Vlog- Annym Awakening // 9th October 2020 at 12:03 am //

    So good to see you! I’m in a place in which I’m trying to put into words how we came to be – our physical bodies & our truest nature (Souls). Thank you to all of you!

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