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23 Comments on HIV/AIDS Viruses, Bacteria, & Fungus Part 1

  1. We love the videos!!!! Keep them coming, any many as you want.

  2. Please don’t apologize for your videos. Keep them coming. Thank you Dr Morse.

  3. Love your videos! altho I half expect you’ll be pulled from youtube b/c of your frank truths you speak, unfortunately. it’ll be a sorry day if it happens. so, godspeed on the videos, i love the education!

  4. There is no such thing as you making too many videos, I can listen to you all day! I’m sure we all agree that you are a true blessing. Thank you.

  5. Love watching your videos you are amazing

  6. I like the redundancy-repetition is how I remember best.

  7. LOVE ur videos! SO helpfuL! Keep them coming please!

  8. LOL, if what you suggest happens then imagine all the babies & children just thrown out on the street or in the trash dumpster. I see your point but there are just too many sympathetic people that would take in those disposed sickly children just like someone taking in a bird with a broken wing. If America sinks into a 3rd world country then you would see more of what you are suggesting. Maybe we should just grind up the unhealthy babies into dog food, they are just cells as you say, LOL

  9. How did I not know of you before?!!! What a wealth of knowledge and experience!!! I am just going through the archive – don’t want to miss one. I heard of you through several people, espec Dan McD. Thank-you for all your generous sharing.
    Would so love to see you in person sometime. :)))

  10. I’m watching this video while enjoying a piece of watermelon.
    Thanks Dr. Morse

  11. great video
    it is soo obvious that the lymphatic system is so important.. and really is ridicoulus that the modern medicine just ignores it
    good thing u tell us and teach us, so we can teach other people (:

  12. The typical medical profession really does not care about health, only money. A lot of these so called doctors get kick backs from the drug companies when they prescribe these toxic acid forming drugs.

  13. That is excellent.

  14. Raw ripe fruit all the way ,yes.

  15. It really is that simple to get healthy. I believe raw ripe fruits and raw vegetables with some herbs from time to time is best.The medical profession makes things so complicated (and nothing they do works long term). Thank you very much Dr. Morse for being honest and keeping things simple.

  16. I love your videos. thank you!

  17. my sister turned me on to your videos ,this is the first one i am watching, can hiv &aids be cured with nutrition while on hiv/aids meds?

  18. can nutrition cure TMJ pain, facial pain & headaches? My muscles aren’t happy:( btw i design custom homes:) Also, can you naturally shrink huge polyps in the forehead sinus cavity. Taking bone out next to the eyeball doesn’t sound pleasant. thx for ur knowledge

  19. Well.tell us how to detox it then when people can’t afford organic and guess what I’m still HIV since I.went.vegan all plant based

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