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13 Comments on Human Immune System

  1. Thank you for everything Dr. Morse, you are light in the darkness.

  2. Keep up the great work!!! Take no prisoners!

  3. I love listening to Dr Morse and to John Rose. Both use the same terms when talking about health. “You only have 2 kinds of fluids” “Kitchen, Lymph”. I wonder if they both had the same teacher.

    • Guy Arnold Ehret had influence on both of them if I’m not mistaken. I think his book was the first major literature that talked about that.

    • Dr morse does mention about a 3rd fluid sometimes, which is water

    • I think john rose got a lot from morse. Im not sure he spoke about the lymphatic system like he does until he learnt from morse just like we have. John rose tends to find gold mines of knowledge but i guess thats because he looks for it as much as he does

  4. Freedom Through Health // 27th March 2020 at 7:51 pm //

    puppy kisses enhance immunity btw

  5. Yaaaaaaay! My first day being unemployed after 20+ yrs. This right here— MAKES MY DAY!! XOXO THANKS DR.MORSE..U ARE MY HERO!

  6. I recently had a dream and Dr. Morse was in it. With a smile on his face he said that I’m very impatient and that I’m a young soul, but all I felt was honesty and comforting vibes from him. It was interesting.

  7. Love the peace you share such a blessing having you beautiful dr Morse

  8. Thank you Dr Morse I thank God he choose you such a beautiful and awesome soul to live in this beautiful world. May GOD YHWH continue to bless you and all your family and bless those who work with u in helping ppl. I thank u so much and appreciate every information you give us.

  9. at 59:25 Dr Morses eye’s looks like he saw something when he said we have visitors and I never doubt Dr Morse.

  10. I wish he didn’t have to cough so much. He must be on constant detox.

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