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Part 3 – Hip Replacement, Detoxing Kids, Ear Candling, Lymph Nodes Removed, Lemon Juice Fast.

In This Video:

– A Big Thank You
– Magickal Hummingbrd
– Hip Replacement
– Detoxong Kids
– Lemon Juice Fast
– Wild Greens
– Reincarnating
– Iris Camera
– Chinese Herbs
– Strawberries
– Ear Candling
– Lymph Nodes Removed

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19 Comments on Part 3 – Hip Replacement, Detoxing Kids, Ear Candling, Lymph Nodes Removed, Lemon Juice Fast.

  1. Hi Rohan, wow (Amanda G)

  2. Kiora Mate!!! Love from Mexico and as well for you Dr Robert

  3. Awesome, Hi Rohan.
    Have a amazing day. Love and Blessings to everyone.

  4. Any decent camera with a macro function should do it, Iris.

  5. Dr Morse can you “get out of your body in astral world” or your spiritual guides do a visit to someone who needs help and get a diagnosis? Thanks

  6. Rohan..ha ha. Good to see ya man. So cool you got to visit the clinic. Have fun in your travels. ;))

  7. I try to get out of body by all the methods I read about and hear about. But seem to stuck and having no luck. Is there anything that would block you from being able to obe and astral travel??

  8. that t-shirt is awesome!

  9. this made me so happy!! We’re gonna put all the fish in water again

  10. Kendra KVirtue Clinkscales // 3rd May 2012 at 4:28 pm //

    You’re talking about me in this video!!! =-) YAYYYY!!!! I LOVE YOU DR. MORSE!!! I can’t wait 2 meet you and take your course! Your protocol is working to heal me completely of Multiple Sclerosis!!! I will keep you updated! Rohan, you’re quite handsome yourself! 😉

  11. Wow, i got a mention here. I’m delighted !! Check out those herbs people.
    Thanks alot Dr.Morse !!!!!! 😀

  12. Good to see a fellow kiwi on the show 🙂

  13. Hey Robert, according to Ron Teeguarden prepared rehmannia is ‘the kidney’s own food’.
    I think the tonics are strenghtening to the entire body and psyche.

  14. MotherNatureHeals // 7th May 2012 at 1:03 am //

    I am using a digital camera with a super macro feature on it. Adding additional lighting so I can get as close to the eye as possible (the flash on the camera gets a shadow). Getting very detailed iris pictures! 🙂

  15. He’s mentioned before that Nettle is a great alkalizer so maybe the fresh juice of that.

  16. I actually got some of those Chinese herbs as powdered extracts, to assist with my detox and I read that Cordyceps induces cellular apoptosis. Would this enhance detox?

  17. Cordyceps is one of my favourite herbs, a great herb to take in the long term.

  18. Hi mate, i can recommend UK water filters and their 60 quid KYOT (keep your own tap system) is pretty good. The crem de la crem of filters are made by pure effect filters in my opinion.

  19. Patricia Crawford // 3rd March 2016 at 5:26 pm //

    found and watched all three parts now. My healer gave me an earcandling treatment for the first time yesterday. I really enjoyed it but I have been knocked out since then. He used a candle infused with camomile, sage and honey, could that be why?

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