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PH Kills Cancer Fast – Natures Chemotherapy??

“Cancer is not the end… it’s simply the beginning of a new you”

If the experts, Doctors and cancer survivors referenced in this post are to be believed. Cancer really is nothing to be scared of!

I sat down to write this post after 8 years spent investigating Cancer. My discoveries and the suppressed teachings of many, many natural doctors have revealed simple truths to me that everyone should be aware of. Cancer isn’t the end, it is simply the discovery that you have been poisoning your body since you left the breast with toxins, dairy products, processed foods, proteins and complex sugars. Over time the toxins and acidic waste that these foods create have to be processed by our lymphatic system.

The Lymphatic system is the sewer system of the body and when it is backed up with acid it feeds rogue cells and allows “disease” to thrive. It’s called Acidosis!

Acidosis is the root cause of almost every human ailment and sickness!!

Detox and increase your lymphatic Ph level to an alkaline state using food and cancer cannot survive!

Thousands of doctors and hundreds of thousands of cancer survivors can’t be wrong!!


First Of All Let’s Deal with the Truth

It is important to note that I have nothing against modern medicine; in fact it has previously saved my life when I required brain surgery to correct an aneurysm so I certainly recognise it has a part to play helping sick people.

My findings have lead me to commit to always try to heal myself naturally instead of using prescription drugs made largely from petro chemicals. Prescription drugs treat the symptoms compared to nature’s remedies that treat the root cause of the disease.

It is only when you fully grasp the big pharmaceutical monopoly that you will also understand that no scientific study will ever be conducted on any substance that cannot be patented. You can’t patent fruit and herbs or nature so instead it is suppressed and dismissed as quackery.

1939 cancer act explains a lot and you can read it here

Interesting Facts
Did you know almost all vitamin supplements are made from petro chemicals? Toxic
Did you know that there are three types of Vitamin B12? Two of them are toxic and the natural B12 that is good for you has been banned.


Simple Logic That Has Saved Thousands

Many people when diagnosed with cancer find that it is usually a swift process from diagnosis to treatment. As soon as it’s diagnosed as cancer it is one big rush!

This really should be a time to think and apply some logic to the “Cancer” situation and not to be rushed into any particular treatment.


For example

Stage 1, 2 and 3 Cancer means you have time on your side and you can easily afford to take three or four weeks detoxifying your body and getting the lymphatic Ph level to around 7.5 7.6. 7.7 At the very least this will stop the cancer growing using chemistry found in nature not the laboratory.

You can have more tests to see whether the cancer has grown, stayed the same or shrunk. then make a more educated decision about Chemotherapy/radiation/surgery depending on the results. Only be concerned in the very unusual event that the cancer has spread further.

Nature and the human body make a powerful combination and thousands of cancer survivors worldwide testify to this.

If the experts referenced are to be believed then the key principle to beating most disease and cancers is maintaining the correct Ph level in your lymphatic system and adding some potent natural cancer busting remedies.

So if your oncologist offered you the option which would you choose? Chemotherapy or a strict as much as you can eat melon and berry diet with some herbs to regenerate cells? 





How to Turn your Body into an Alkaline Environment Fast!

Organic Fruit only diet – All melons, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, grapes

Baking soda drink – research Youtube for baking soda cancer cure

One lemon freshly squeezed in mineral water as many times a day as you can.

Drink lots of mineral water

Eliminate all sugars, proteins, grains etc  (natural raw honey or molasses with baking soda is ok)


As you will hear Dr Morse explain, fruits are high frequency and high energy and are easily absorbed by the body meaning that energy is being used to fight the disease instead of digestion. These specific fruits also have astringent qualities which start to clean out your lymphatic system, kidneys and adrenal glands.

If the body isn’t filtering you cannot expel the toxins so a moving the lymphatic system is essential along with an alkaline environment.

NB whilst we may think vegetables are healthy they require a lot of energy by the body to break down and should be avoided in the early detox weeks.


This post references the simplest, fast acting solutions and remedies to the most frightening disease of all. Cancer!

It is knowledge that is deliberately hidden from you and the more you research and dig into Cancer the more that you will see that it is one huge profit machine. Every human being has the right to make any health decision knowing all the facts from all sides.

There are literally tens of thousands of people on Youtube telling their story about how they beat terminal cancer and other illnesses naturally.

Why are these people never seen on TV or in the press??

Is that not news worthy?


There are links to amazing cancer testimonials at the bottom of this post… genuine people who took a leap of faith with nature and they are trying to help their fellow humans by sharing their story. Look into their eyes and at the emotion they show. They are genuinely brave people who quite literally have saved their own life because they dared to research. They dared to think there may other solutions to Cancer!

REMEMBER – Chemistry and nature prove that no cancer, disease or virus can survive or grow when the body’s PH is slightly alkaline.

A little further down this post there are links to Doctors who have cured thousands of people from all kinds of disease and terminal cancers. They explain the workings of the human body like no one else you will ever hear. You won’t see this basic knowledge and logic anywhere in the mainstream western press and media.


Top Cancer Busters

Organic Melon and Berries Diet

Cannabis oil

Organic Vitamin B17

Baking Soda/Bi-carbonate of soda

Organic Tumeric and Cayenne pepper

Special Beetroot drink

GCMAF, Bravo, Rerum

Essential oils

MMS – Jim Humble

There is no reason that you cannot combine some of the above remedies for fast results.


I think its also appropriate to add that I have personally lived the fruit and herb detox after realising I had been poisoning myself with my diet for most of my life. I had a small pea sized cyst type lump in my forearm for 15 years. After 9 weeks eating fruit along with some herbal supplements the lump disappeared. My friend also had fatty lumps on his torso and he noticed they were shrinking on the fruit diet.

All because we got our sewer (lymphatic system) moving and working to get rid of the toxic acid waste built up over many years.

It’s time to wake up to the fact your body is a chemical processing plant.

Everything we eat is dead with no life and breaks down as acid waste in the body.

The only exceptions are fruits and some vegetables which are cleansing, soothing and alkalising.

“Let Food Be Thy Medicine”


Experts and Doctors Who Treat Cancer Naturally with 90% Success Rate

Listen to Dr Robert Morse explain how the human body really works and the difference between refined sugar and beneficial fruit sugars/


The Great Cancer Sugar Debate


Cancer The RAW Truth


Cancer – No such thing as disease


Doctor shows you how to make cannabis oil safely


Everything You Need To Know About Food


Baking soda/Bi-carbonate of soda – Cancer Cure


Listen to Dr Leonard Coldwell explain how every cancer can be cured in weeks.


Watch the eye opening documentary series “The Truth About Cancer”


MMS – A cure for 97% of all disease – Incredible!!


Here’s a list of articles and videos of people who beat terminal cancer naturally.  I hope they give you hope and reasons to do more of your own research.


Emotional Sharon Kelly tells us how she beat terminal cancer in weeks


A woman’s amazing story about how a brave woman beat cancer with MMS


Rod Peterson beat his stage 4 cancer with Bi-carbonate of soda


Drinking baking soda and molases every day cured my prostrate cancer


Alternative Cancer Tutor


I hope this inspires you to go off and research things properly. The key to restoring health is very very simple and requires no pharmaceutical drugs.

Cancer isn’t the end… it’s the start of you waking up to what nourishes your body and regenerates your cells and what doesn’t,

What keeps you alive in a toxic world full of science theory.

If you found this information useful please share it far and wide!

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