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  1. Thank you Dr. Morse & team! We love you guys ♡

  2. Guy looks like Steve Jobs.

  3. Good info and reminder to families. Thank you! BTW Never let police or a govt agent into your home or car without a Court approved Warrant. IDK about laws for children, but if a court warrant is needed to search your home, car, phone and computer for evidence of a crime, it just seems logical that a court warrant is needed to take your child. The court would have to be presented with enough evidence that the child is in immediate danger.

  4. You don’t need “service”. You and all of us just need to start taking responsibility for our OWN health. Don’t even call the so called “doctors”. LEARN what a species appropriate diet is; Learn about the LYMPHATIC/IMMUNE system from Dr. Morse and LEARN Mother Nature’s Herbs!

    Dr Morse with all due respect ALL B.A.R. attornys are the same. They work for the system FIRST; the judge and “just-us” system second and their client THIRD. The BAR is just another secret society.

    • Western allopathic doctors = legal murderers

    • Emily BH I was just thinking the same things that we need to grab our own health by the horns!

    • I agree with you on this but where many of us get caught is in emergency situations. I called an ambulance because my 3 month old baby girl was having seizures and she stopped breathing. I wasn’t gonna let her die so i called for their help and in turn they legally kidnapped her and my 13 month old son who i didn’t even call for.

  5. Thank you Dr. Morse. I’m sure you get it all the time- but it is no less appreciated each time.

  6. She doesn’t get to say one word.. 🙁

  7. when I was in the hospital after falling while rock climbing (requiring 3 surgeries to put my ankle back together), I had my friend sneak in Dr. Morse’s Stomach and Bowel formula in to my hospital room. Also, the kitchen staff at the hospital referred to me as the “fruit girl” because that is all I requested for each meal 🙂

    • Me too..when I was admitted last year…they kept bringing me the wrong food (protein ) even though I ordered salads and fruits everyday…but I kept having to call the cafeteria manager to make them bring my correct food to my room

  8. Does anyone know how Dr Morse feels about Vasectomies?

  9. The Mom looks sad, I hope she can be reunited with her son, this is such a sad story.

  10. Such a heartbreaking story. We have given our power away bit by bit without realizing it. Take your power back. Stop participating in your own demise.

    • Exactly. If you vote, that is exactly what you do. The so called “elections” are “selections” of slave masters or “politicans”. We get to choose our own slave masters. Yippee. They follow the agenda of the real world rulers; write commands backed by threats of violence from “enforcers” and we stupidly participate in our own continued enslavement because we are told BS that it is a ritual that “makes us free”. HA! We should think for ourseselves and STOP being such good ORDER FOLLOWERS.

      If we shouldn’t rob our neighbors or throw them in cages or kill them, then what gives politician/slave masters the right and power to? Aren’t they human just like us? See how we ensure our own enslavement by continuing to vote for politicians (who really are our slave masters) ?Learn about how we can be free peacefully. Study Larken Rose, Lysander Spooner, Marc Stevens and Mark Passio on how we are part of the problem if we are order followers.

    • Hi! I’m subscribed to your channel

  11. all parents give away the child at birth/berth by registering the child –
    all registered children belong to the crown corporation –

  12. Warrior mode activated. Thanks for the fire

  13. I paid $$$ on attorneys fees defending an APS (Adult Protective Services) investigation. I had medical POA for my mother which allows me to legally decide on her diet. She lived with me and I was following an anti-inflammatory diet, cooked foods mostly and 1 fruit meal. The diet was prescribed by her pain doctor a nurse practitioner who specialized in pain particularly for those hooked on pain meds. I also added Dr. Morse’s principles. After four months, my mother no longer needed her strong pain pills, muscle relaxers and pain patches for back pain. My mother became so much better under my care however I had to defend accusations of a ‘dangerous’ diet. It was really VERY scary. I can’t imagine what these parents are going through. Much love and light to them..

  14. Me and my Partner are currently going through this right now. We need all the support and resources we can get.

    • @l c thank you so much I appreciate you!

    • @Paulina I’m sorry to hear that. It’s a messed up system for sure

    • Do not go to court demanding return of your children their state owned you need to go to court and ask for return of your property,i know its crazy but any child is the parents property they lawfully have to return them, never say children or kids ask for return of your property

    • @Anthony Moorei comprehend what you mean but we never got the chance to properly authenticate their and our birth certificates. So im not sure it would work. Plus if i go there referring to them as property, those people are going to try to claim further allegations against us. My boyfriend was unintentionally referring to one of them as “it” and they got so upset with him.

    • They are trying to perform a liver transplant evaluation on my 3 month old baby girl and i have no say over this right now. Im very afraid right now. I don’t know what to do about this.

  15. My son had a post op skin growth as a result of broken arm surgery. Doctors insisted on multiple surgeries to remove it as it kept growing back after each surgery. I eventually researched wound management and fixed it with a 11 dollar box of silver nitrate bandages. With 2 weeks the tumor like growth which was the size of a small chunk of steak disappeared from his arm with siver nitrate band aids! When I informed the surgeon, he told me not to bother coming in if I didn’t want their help in a hostile tone.

  16. I’m so sorry this happened to this family and to so many others! This country is disgusting to say the least! The Militia needs to get involved in cases of kidnapping like this. “Don’t tread on me”

  17. If you have a State Marriage license and or a Birth Certificate on the the child then it’s not your child, it’s the states child and their allowing it to stay with you until they decide different.
    Also no one is making their 1st amendment claim of freedom of religion.

    • The paperwork is theirs. When you authenticate the record you attain the age of majority and are in control, and when you do it for the babies. From my understanding

    • @matthew marx I am stating legal fact found in thousands of cases, case law.
      It called the doctrine of parens patriae concerning the birth certificate and the marriage license. All a marriage license does is create a 3 party contract with the state in which they own 1/3 of everything you produce even the children the BC surrenders all interest over to the state, study the result of registration. Why do you think the government can just take your car or charge you property tax on it? Because when you register it your putting in the State trust.
      Here is the outcome of Marriage license and Birth certificates. “Meeting with a group of Christians in Austin [Texas] on May 19, 1986, [Attorney General James] Mattox revealed his true colors when asked, “Is it true that the State of Texas owns Our children? ” Mattox retorted, “Yes, it is true… and not only your children, but you, too”

    • @matthew marx Absent the ML and BC their jurisdiction falls away.
      It’s still a bit of a fight but then they can be sued as individuals in federal court, title 42 sec 1983.

    • That’s why they stamp the babies feet (sole of the foot) on the certificate because they own your SOUL. LITERALLY!

  18. I wish you guys all the best for you and your son.
    You know here in the Netherlands they are trying to pass a bill/law, to give kindergartens the right to reject unvaccinated kids.
    Then in the media you see people reacting, saying it wont do any good because you’ll end up with daycares filled with unvaccinated children.
    Btw last year a law is granted, now making everybody a donor automatically, untill you respond otherwise..remarkably because i allready carry an old card from a governmental institution stating my choice regarding this. Its unclear if this new law overrides that. Its like they want you to rethink it.

  19. The first mistake was the mom rushing the kid to the hospital like that without the dad’s consent.

    Unfortunately, she was doing the best she knew. So she’s not to blame.

    But what a horrible story!

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