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Q& A – 530 – WARNING: Video contains graphic images. Breast Cancer, Case review.

WARNING: Video contains graphic images.

14:35 – Jawharah – My sister was diagnosed with breast cancer and she chose to heal her cancer with all alternative natural therapies from day one. She cut all processed food, and became 100% vegetarian. She followed Gerson therapy for 7 months and then she did a 32 long water fast. The re­ sult after that fast were amazing and she became a very healthy per­ son as she used to be before the cancer. But there was a wound started to form on the diagnosed breast after the fast and continued to get bigger with too much pain. I introduced her to your fruit diet and herbal supplements that I learn from your videos. She had her consultation with Attila August 2019 and started following the whole protocol and taking the full herbal supplements. I decided to write to you because I reach a hopeless point and I am feeling unable to help her and responsible that her situation is worsen­ ing and it doesn't look like a healing crises at all. I am afraid I am los­ ing her life!!…

1:06:46 – Alba – Sorry for the delay . Here are the pies Pies are not by day but they are in order . The concern about the kidney was the BUN results ( the capacity of the kidney to absorb nutrients) Could be from 2.5 – 7 . She's 2 at this point She's sleepi ng a lot with some circulation issues and secretions the reflux has improved this days Some muscle contractions. I will sent the recent labs no later than tomorrow hopefully today. She will be getting a complete blood test on the 12th I will sent those as well . Please let me know to confirm if you prefer to wait to get all labs results for the new protocol ???

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  1. Wow that’s some divine timing, Bless you Dr Morse. Can’t wait to meet you! Much love to everybody over there <3 <3 <3

  2. youz must be ina log cabin next to an organick farm or a vineyard of gwapes…prolly da dark wons…

  3. Toxins in water , food, air, and cleaning products. Dr Morse let’s talk Oragone Accumulator and Quantum physics.

  4. On another note, I have full body psoriasis, pretty severely myself (or did before I started to go raw and mostly fruits) and I came off the injections I had been getting in December. So far so good – it’s really amazing. I love nature. I’m SO THANKFUL that I found my way to your channel. Much love

    • bummer for me.. same and i did high fruit only with herbs for 3 years straight bought 10k in herbs yearly and never got better.. your so lucky!

    • ​ Norse Hedgewitch I am still working on my body from near death 3.5 years ago but have healed soo much. I am 67 and think that the older you are, the harder it is because of my previous use of using inhuman foods. Although I didn’t eat dead flesh for 40 years and have always done filtered water.

  5. Juice fasting is some seriously powerful stuff. I did a 119 day juice fast myself following the John Rose protocol and I documented it all on my YouTube channel. I show what I drank, how I felt, how I changed and what came out of me (yes seriously!). I show how my body changed, how my skin changed and my eyes too! I also show the breaking of the fast with soaked prunes and the refeeding.

    If you are thinking of a juice fast, I highly advice you to watch the videos. They will surely help!

  6. Thanks Dr. Morse.

  7. I love you, I love you, I love you!!!

  8. Hello would like to know what water would you recommend & sourced from where? Would be great if you could advise me on this also what about kangen water system would you recommend??

  9. HAHAHA if people think that 32 days water fasting gets ride of this… they might be smoking something Pakistani in the back door

  10. I know a person who had stage 4 colon cancer and used the baking soda protocol after the kemo didn’t work. She is still alive today.

  11. How do you know when a person with stage 5 kidney failure get too stage 4? With your creatinine?

  12. Truth and Freedom!
    Peace and Love!

  13. Where can we find this wonderful chart at 12:02 ?!?!

  14. 14 00 it’s so corrupt makes me sik

  15. Passionfruit Grenadilla // 11th February 2020 at 10:45 pm //

    Beautiful soul Dr Morse, thank you for your love and truth ❤️ the introductory music is so sweet , looking forward to so much to learning more and healing more.

  16. We love you, too, dr. Morse!

  17. Thanks so much Robert Morse for really speaking clearly!
    Lots of courage from a big heart
    Peace brother

  18. all i really want is dr. Morse vids that help me sleep all night

  19. well it could have been much worse imagine if it turned your hair color to hot pink 🙂
    thanks for caring and sharing..much luv to all

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