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Q&A 117-3 Chronic Pain, Chicken Skin, Radiation, Kidney Pain.

In This Video:

Q&A 117

– Heal All Plant (Facebook)
– Chronic Pain/Fibromyalgia
– Chronic Fatigue/Osteoarthritis
– Chicken Skin
– Undescended Testicle
– Chronic Otitis Media
– Detoxing Radiation
– Depression/Anxiety
– Chronic Dandruff
– GI Broom/Lemonade Fast
– Horsetail
– Dr.Oz & Protein
– Keeping Muscles
– Zeolite
– Large UT Fibroids
– PH Confusion
– 10 Year Old Brain Damage
– Stuttering
– Experiment With Herbs
– Joshua's Experience
– Pain
– Distilling Water
– Kidney Pain
– Plantain
– Teeth & Canker Sores
– Message to Vegan Princess

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20 Comments on Q&A 117-3 Chronic Pain, Chicken Skin, Radiation, Kidney Pain.

  1. Dr Morse or anyone else, can i have thoughts on the sweetner brown rice syrup ? Thanks.

  2. That’s not progress in my view.

  3. Dr.Morse what is that water you drink ? I’ve been drinking Fiji water lately and been really good with it.

  4. Acqua Panna

  5. thanks. From Scotland

  6. When going waco take more glandulars ahhhhhaaa

  7. Although i find that Aqua Panna -This brand now belongs to San Pellegrino, which is owned by Nestlé. SHould Dr.Morse be supporting such a company, one which is harming the health of so many people ?

  8. I Love you Dr Morse, it was so great to see you in class! I love the explanation you give in today’s video about electrons! It reminds me of my really cool chemstry teacher in high school explaining it. He was talking about why electrons will always move to the lowest shell or orbit – he said it’s like why you’ll find a drunk sleeping in the gutter – it always make me giggle when I think of that simple illustration – so today your explanation made me think of that. God bless you! xoxox

  9. Although you make a very good and valid point, I think that you would be hard pressed to find a suitable alternative. Fiji also has some pretty serious problems. After watching the film FLOW, For the Love of Water, the whole situation is pretty depressing.

  10. Gabriel Gauthier // 12th May 2012 at 3:52 am //

    Thanks Dr. Morse for taking the time to answer my question. You are my new guru, i have been watching your videos religiously and just got my first shipment of yours of the fab 4 today after work. Lymph, kidney’s adrenal, and stomach and bowels. Will definitely order the pancreatic and endocrine formula as well, and then it’s time to go gung ho with the healing. Much love to you and your wonderful crew.

  11. Hmm, you know what I have felt about the herbs, they soothe me, emotionally.. I sometimes even feel a bond with the herbs I’m picking.. Like tonite, I was juicing all sorts of herbs: chickweed, cleavers, parsley.. but I felt a bit lost as to what I was doing, but then I put my hand on some plantain and suddenly I felt this sadness. and I asked the herb if it could help me with that.. Everything felt right when I juiced the plantain.. <3

  12. Dr Morse my name is Wioletta.You are wonderfull. I have a question. I juice all day long I absolutely love it I eat only one meal a day it isn’t always raw. I more enjoy drinking fruits than eating. is it a bad thing?I even juice alfalfa. Am I consuming to much sugar? ? Please help I am suddenly sceart of my orange juice?. I am sleem 115lb/5’4 I juice oranges,apples, melons, grapes, grapefruits, beets, celery little carrots. Sorry for mispeling your last name slat time I wrote to you.

  13. What do you find depressing about the Fiji water situation ? Thanks

  14. Specifically about Fiji – I recall hearing that there were levels of arsenic found that were higher than is allowed in city tap water. This would have to be researched as it was a while ago.

    In general terms, we absorb plastic when drinking out of plastic containers and the processing of bottled water puts a strain on the environment. Glass is preferable in this way as it is also reusable.

    Overall, nothing is perfect but I prefer drinking filtered reverse osmosis water from my house.

  15. Thanks Tracy. Living in Scotland i have access to Desside mineral water, it has a low’ish ph i feel. I also filter my water with active ceramic double carbon filtration. I’m considering a distiller and would welcome your thoughts on drinking distilled water, of course i would be adding in some electrolytes to this water before drinking. To health !

  16. Hi again! I am not totally sure about the answer to your question although I think distilling your own water sounds like a pretty good idea.

  17. Thanks, good to communicate with you.

  18. 0:01 Misc
    1:34 Dr. Oz & Protein
    3:32 Minerals
    4:28 Detoxing & Keeping Muscles
    6:06 Misc, Fruits with Fats
    8:14 Misc
    9:33 Pancreas / PH Factor
    12:38 Zeolite

  19. Where can I contact Robert?

  20. ok, i didnt hear the part about chicken skin…what did he say?

    glad to find you…thanks for sharing your wisdom, knowledge and insight!

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