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Q&A 118-1 Pain In Scapula, Coconut Oil, Liver/Spleen, Bloated Belly, Cervical Cancer.

In This Video:

Q&A 118

-Pain In Scapula
-Adrenals Controls Kidneys
-Coconut Oil
-Connection to Bone Marrow
-Bloated Belly
-Cervical Cancer
-Medical Doctors are Life Savers
-Nut Allergy
-Cysts In Head
-Foods For Endurance
-Juice Fast
-How Much Water
-Dr. Mercola's Comments
-Grains Good or Bad
-30 Bananas a Day
-Parasite M and Sweaty Palms
-Nasty Cat Bit
-GI Tract Yeast & Parasites
-Organic Apple Juice
-Rest & Sleep
-Skin Itching
-Dry Skin, Unbearable Pain

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14 Comments on Q&A 118-1 Pain In Scapula, Coconut Oil, Liver/Spleen, Bloated Belly, Cervical Cancer.

  1. Wow, yeah you can totally see the health benefits of that mountian trip on your being Dr.Morse. Been to Tennessee myself, loved the place, Cade’s cove was truly spectacular alongside the great smokey mountains !

  2. You look great, Doc! Glad you had a fresh air mountain getaway!
    Congrats to your son 🙂

  3. Doc, you are looking refreshed!

  4. Thinner too!

  5. Looking great as ALWAYS. Love the energy.

  6. Owen fox - New Age Sage Clown Transformer! // 17th May 2012 at 10:38 pm //

    thanks for another great video and again ur always so full of energy and good form. thanks! 🙂

  7. you look great!!

  8. Thanks so much for showing us the starting times of the topics carlajane86, I often have to sift through all the videos to find one specific part. It’s greatly appreciated :).

  9. Yes thank you Doc for the free education here. I discovered you half a year ago now at Q&A 61 and have watched every video up till now, and when I’ve been waiting for the next vids I’ve worked my way back to Q&A 33. Think maybe I should become a Naturopathist.

  10. This is interesting what you say about neurotransmitters particularly Dopamine turning on kidney filtration because back in November I started having a superfood called Mucuna Pruriens which is high in L-Dopa the precursor to Dopamine. After about 3 weeks I was getting sediment when I was only 80% (or so) on raw plant matter. I was not expecting that, and wondered why. I’ll have to get some more then as I ran out months ago.

  11. where can I find a doctor like yourself in Tulsa,Oklahoma? I like to get a second option,before I get cut on.

  12. thank you for that list..

  13. Great video. acetylcholine and dopamine neural transmitters

  14. this is true, most doctors have no clue about this and it’s funny asking pointed questions and having them look lost to find themselves in front of someone who is actually more informed. Funny, sad, funny.

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