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Q&A 118-6 Pain In Scapula, Coconut Oil, Liver/Spleen, Bloated Belly, Cervical Cancer.

In This Video:

Q&A 118

-Pain In Scapula
-Adrenals Controls Kidneys
-Coconut Oil
-Connection to Bone Marrow
-Bloated Belly
-Cervical Cancer
-Medical Doctors are Life Savers
-Nut Allergy
-Cysts In Head
-Foods For Endurance
-Juice Fast
-How Much Water
-Dr. Mercola's Comments
-Grains Good or Bad
-30 Bananas a Day
-Parasite M and Sweaty Palms
-Nasty Cat Bit
-GI Tract Yeast & Parasites
-Organic Apple Juice
-Rest & Sleep
-Skin Itching
-Dry Skin, Unbearable Pain

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20 Comments on Q&A 118-6 Pain In Scapula, Coconut Oil, Liver/Spleen, Bloated Belly, Cervical Cancer.

  1. Rodrigo Almeida de Oliveira // 18th May 2012 at 2:35 pm //

    where can i leave a message to dr Morse? So i can place a question.

  2. Thank you, I do miss him dearly.

  3. How can I get my adrenals tested in my local area? What should I look for?


  4. I was reading about those who have chemo and survive, it seems that they are the ones who may actually not have cancer, they were misdiagnosed. Those who do have cancer for real are the ones that can’t fight it. I don’t know if this is totally true or not but it does explain how some get through it.

  5. You can go to his channel page at:

    Click on the button called “Comments” located next to the grey one called “Activity”.

  6. Hi nysx60 – I totally understand you not wanting to go down the glandular route as so many vegan viewers have expressed their sincere objections. I just wanted to let you know that I have been using the adrenal glandulars since February and they make such a huge difference in my productivity and energy level. I feel very tired without them. I ran out of them for about a week and I could really tell the difference. As much as I wish I didn’t need to take them, I feel so blessed to have them.

  7. The other thing I have noticed about chemo patients is that when they say the Drs were amazed at how quickly the tumour diminished, my heart sinks because a short while later, they’re told the tumour is back with a vengeance. Happened so many times now 🙁

  8. TracyM1974, so that others know I have replied to you, your advice has been a blessing, tyvm 😉

  9. Thanks… appreciate that 🙂

  10. Now they’ve thought up some wear red lipstick day bull crap for MS.

  11. Crazy to think they’d do acid damage to every cell in the body just to treat a lymph node. You’d think they’d just remove it. Sounds like a killing machine to me.

  12. Just think, if you were living in ancient times and you were freezing because there were no stores to buy clothes, and you came across a dead animal, wouldn’t you take the hide to save yourself from freezing to death? For some this is what taking glandulars is.

  13. Thank you for sharing that. I haven’t got any yet but I know I need some as I’ve had weak adrenals for over a decade. I wish I knew of them five and a half years ago as I got such bad adrenal fatigue from flying to another country already sick, that I think I was close to death, and it took me over a year to get somewhat normal again.

  14. Thanks for sharing your experience as i am in the question of whether or not to use them.

  15. You’re welcome BeeHive : ) Good luck on your healing journey!

  16. You’re welcome germanicelt : )

  17. Oh yeah, forgot to ask you – what kind of adrenal glandulars did you get and where from? Thanks.

  18. I wonder if its been an update on the little girl who broke her neck

  19. Alapathy (traditional medicine)??????——I’m not just LEAVING.—- I’m RUNNING!!!!!
    God bless you Doc. Keep on telling the truth. I know from experimenting with my own “illnesses”, you are RIGHT!

  20. How very brilliant you are. It must be SO frustrating dealing with a World mostly still in darkness. Praise God for you Doc. You are such a GIFT!

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