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Q&A 120-6 Liver Tumor, Rash, Cancer, Cough, Adrenals

In This Video:

Q&A 120

-Kidraw38’s Eyes
-Diatonaceous Earth
-Liver Tumor
-Burning Red Rash
-Herbs For Adrenal
-Visual Snow
-Death From Cancer
-Constant Cough
-Getting Amino Acids
-Sweating from hands, feet and under arms
-Coolemausis Questions
-Improper Detox
-Dangers of high Protein
-Sinus Impaction
-Healing Power of The Human Body.

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16 Comments on Q&A 120-6 Liver Tumor, Rash, Cancer, Cough, Adrenals

  1. and last to get laid

  2. 0:01 Constant Cough 2:24 Closing, Misc

  3. thank you for another great video.. you are one of the most caring people I
    know. and so supportive to our healing. have the best day ever Dr. Morse!

  4. Much love and blessings to you and your staff! My friend’s 1 year old baby
    boy was born with respiratory problems (his dad had childhood asthma.) He’s
    been hospitalized with pneumonia several times since he was only weeks old,
    been given antibiotics, nebulizer meds constantly. He’s only been on breast
    milk til recently and is now weaning with fruits and other foods,no dairy,
    thank god. What would you recommend for this sweet little boy whose mom is
    a nervous wreck with worry about her son? 

  5. coolindividual81 // 24th May 2012 at 3:57 pm //

    first time commenter. All I have to say is wow! Why has it taken me so long
    to find this? please stop, you are making too much sense! Just kidding ,
    don’t stop.There is not enough people with your courage. Thank You. 

  6. coolindividual81 // 24th May 2012 at 3:57 pm //

    So I have a right dermoid ovarian cyst about golf ball size and it has
    calcium deposits in it. I have been trying to get rid of through a lot of
    fruit (since i recently saw your videos) Can I detox the calcium out of it?

  7. coolindividual81 // 24th May 2012 at 3:58 pm //

    And any thoughts on why I keep getting kidney infections when I eat a
    watermelon a day? And why it doesn’t digest well? And even some fruit
    juices.Hey i am willing to face it and deal with it if it’s a good thing ,
    but unsure.I am now taking your lymph 1 formula and kidney 1 formula . I
    eat a lot of fruit but still eat some cooked such as saute’d crunchy
    vegetables with brown rice (which digests fine)

  8. coolindividual81 // 24th May 2012 at 4:00 pm //

    You are just soo awesome! Thank You, Thank You

  9. Hi all.. what is that tea he mentions around the one minute mark? Thanks
    for the help.

  10. @Austin: it’s the “3 lung tea” made of three herbs to open and strengthen
    the lungs. It’s available through Dr Morses website/clinic.. Best wishes

  11. We love you too, Doc! <3 ))) 

  12. Thank you!

  13. welcome you coolindividual81 the “first time commenter”!:) If you review
    119 series from part 1 Dr Morse explained why we shouldn’t blame the fruits
    or veggies for our bodies reactions to it, it just our bodies are so damage
    from cooked foods and proteins that some times AT FIRST cannot handle
    strong healing properties of fruits. And that why I don’t think the
    watermelon causes infections of your kidneys. You doing the right thing to
    take it slow but I would remove the rice from a diet anyway…

  14. …rice is a starchy grain and complex carbohydrates, it is not helping at
    all if you have ovarian cyst. At some point you will need to go on a juicy
    fruits fast for at least one or two months to detoxify your body (along
    with herbs) in purpose to get rid of the cyst. If you go on a raw diet it
    might take from a few up to several months (in some cases years) to get
    your health back …see what Dr Morse will say about it…never ever give
    up!!!!Wish you all best!!:)

  15. …also avoid the saute’d vegetables instead make them light steamed it’s
    much healthier and don’t add fats :)

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