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Q&A 122-4 Mineral Needs, Ulcerations, Elevated Pancreas Enymes

In This Video:

Q&A 122

-Mineral Needs
-Elevated Pancreas Enzymes
-Detox Always the Answer
-PH of Distilled Water
-Root Canals & Swollen Esophagus
-Genetic Retina
-No Menstrual Cycle on Protein
-Amino Acids/Proteins
-Helping Family/Others
-Tart Vs Sweet Berries
-Itching in Privates
-Overdose of K
-Chronic Fatigue
-Hugh Tonsils
-The Moo Crap
-Fruit Destroy you WBC's

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15 Comments on Q&A 122-4 Mineral Needs, Ulcerations, Elevated Pancreas Enymes

  1. 80 years old….gorgeous! Good Looking Lady.

  2. Distilled water always seems like one of those ? areas. I guess for me the only way to know ANYTHING about it is to personally experience it, which i plan to do. Distilled water with added electrolytes.

  3. Dr.Morse can you show us some of your books that you have behind you ??
    I’m intrigued, thanks.

  4. Is there now an issue with chlorella since most of it available is from Japan ?

  5. Are You My People // 25th May 2012 at 11:21 pm //

    Doc, I love your sense of humor! You crack me up!

  6. I think that all the time. What I would do to spend an afternoon flipping through his library

  7. It’s so good to see an example like this 80 year old lady. Way to go! Thank You Dear Robert for all the hope you bring to us, it’s priceless to many, I am sure.

  8. Thank you for this beautiful channel!! Ron Paul has been on the liberty side of voting issues for 30+ years – a fantastic achievement considering the death cult dominating the USA. Calling Ron Paul a “failure” is over-the-top insulting. Recommend you stop watching that television doc, it’s more acidifying than meat/dairy by far. TV is more like small drops of chemo – the old scorched-earth style chemo. Use the internet. Thanks!

  9. Does anyone know if the protein powders pea isolate and brown rice protein concentrate are acid forming when consumed ? I’m assuming they are but more ‘gentler’ than say whey protein, thanks.

  10. 80 years old?? Wowzer!! She’s beautiful!! 🙂

  11. Organic superman I would say yes. Too much protien is acid forming. Veggie protien powders are concentrated proteins as opposed to natural protien from eat the plant itslef in it’s whole form. 🙂

  12. erm.. hate to be intellectually critical. Why be so lazy as to ask the Doc when you go find it yourself? finding the pH of distilled water is not hard these days: we have GOOGLE. Anyways, pure H20 is precisely neutral, 7.0, but while when distilled H2O is pure it rapidly absorbs CO2 from the air to become slightly acidic, between 5.6 and 7. rainwater is originally pure but after forming clouds and then falling miles is quite carbonically acidic. but freshly distilled H20 is 7.0 by definition.

  13. Tina, I know exactly what it’s like. My Mum and Dad need to take hold of this but they are in denial. I’m working on them though. Encouraging them to eat more fruit and sometimes making them some smoothies with tonic herbs.

  14. WOW! Mother-in law looks FABULOUS at 80 years old! You go girl! I think you’re the first 80 year old I’ve seen look so great and healthy!!!

  15. woah! mother-n-law looks 60! amazing!

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