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13 Comments on Q&A 124-3 Sleep, Hep C, Male Reproductive

  1. What does Dr robermorsend say about beans/legumes? Ive only been eating vegan for 6 months and i never get sick of hummus and beans with rice or potatoes. I understand beans may not be optimal nor are they very practical food source in nature. But are they inherently unhealthy? Im still going through these videos.

  2. You are a great man!!! You’ve inspired me to eat LOTS more fruits. and less dairy and meat. (I dont eat beef or pork anymore at all). How can I get you to answer a problem I have directly for me? Thanks

  3. You are looking extra radiant today Dr M! I so appreciate all the good information you share with us, and it’s helping me a lot. Am really looking forward to the level 2 class.Thank you!

  4. Hey Doc! Don’t let the dumb people get to you. Your a great man and one of the only people I thrust. You saved my life and that’s more than enough for me. I am still working on getting healthy but if it was not for you the “Doctors” would have cut out my appendix and tonsils because the antibiotics weren’t clearing out my mucus, they even said I might have mono and all that from just looking once in my mouth once. So thank you so much for saving my life!

  5. hey does anyone know how i upload eye pictures to dr M’s site?

  6. Thank you, looks like another round of taking away my favorite foods, great. Pisses me off. But i will use that anger and channel it into a head of lettuce and ravage it apart and eat it instead of punching a wall or smashing my car with a log on the side of the road. Oh yeeeeeeeea i love stuff that tastes like leaves. THank you may i have another

  7. I think a lot of it depends too on what your personal goals are. If you’re wanting to deep detox or just live a balanced, more grounded life. I know he doesn’t recommend beans, but if you want to eat some cooked vegan food, brown rice and steamed veg’s are likely a healthier choice… but not for detox. I would watch the lymphatic system, diabetes and cancer videos. Those 3 cover a LOT! Good luck!

  8. thank you

  9. did you see the brain extract and the bovine adreanal extract also

  10. you say he dont see rice and potatoes as health food but he does see brain extract and bovine adreanal extracts as healthy give me a break . why is a diet health healer overweight any way i wonder if he knows why lol. great guy though !

  11. why is he over weight i wonder if he knows……….. could it be to much ormus!!! he should lead by example!

  12. People need to calm down over the animal product / overweight aspect of Morse. Despite healing 100’s of thousands of people in over 40 years of practice, ranging from cancer to quadriplegia, he’s now suddenly the Devil? :p Let’s not focus all our attention on the negative, and instead focus our attention on the positive. Nobody is perfect, after all, especially once opinion/belief enters into the equation. If one doesn’t like his approach towards healing, then find someone else you do like 🙂 <3

  13. Why do you say Doc is overweight? He looks extremely healthy to me

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