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Q&A 126-2 Spinal Cord Tumor, Cerebral Palsy, Iridology

In This Video:

Q&A 126

– Being Balanced and Walking with Love
– Kale & Cauliflower
– Tumor in or near Spinal Cord
– Iridology Books
– Natural Kidney Filtration Capacity
– 3 Year Old with Cerebral Palsy
– Fasting on Wild berries
-Lying Down While Fasting
-Debby's Eyes

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11 Comments on Q&A 126-2 Spinal Cord Tumor, Cerebral Palsy, Iridology

  1. ive been expecting you number 2 😀

  2. Sounds very similar to myself many years ago, i say really take a look at juicing, vegetables and greens, this really helped to turn my life around, fruits were not really a factor in my healing, they play a more prominent role now but when i was really sick detoxing with the juices helped me tremedousbly, powerful results in one month. Now a part of my life, been juicing regular for 5 years and feel good, doing triathlon.

  3. I suggest you franchise your herbal formulas globally. Many people having difficulty obtaining them would be happy to make them available to others. I know quality control is one problem begging for a solution.

  4. Does anyone know of any good herbal baths i could make ?

  5. Eyes are truly amazing !

  6. Try adding in Rhodiola and Mucuna to your program, and I’ve also heard that a south African herb called Kanna is one of the best for depression.

  7. I was juicing wild Dandelion leaves a few weeks ago, and fresh straight out of the ground. First time I ever did it. Can’t believe they’re been there all these years and I never knew about them, instead going to all the trouble of growing Wheatgrass instead.

  8. Dr Morse your speaking on water in this video. If you need to use larger amounts of water are you still using the Acqua panna water? Like if you make a large container of ice tea for example?
    Or is there a not so exspensive way to use my tap water but using some sort of filter. In my house we go there a good amount of water each week and I’ve been using the plastic bottle kind and need to change that I know. Any easy ideas?

  9. I have SUCH a hard time eating all raw =(

  10. it’s all in your mind. fight through it. if it’s what u want, then do it. if not, don’t beat yourself up.

  11. Thanks. Today by some miracle I wanted nuts and fruit over chips and salsa.

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