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Q&A 130-4 Liver Cancer, Tonsils Removed, Gallbladder Stones…

In This Video:

Q&A 130

– Liver Cancer
– Spiritually Always
– Tonsils Removed
– Prune/Cranberry Juice
– Body Shapes
– Yellow Nails
– Dry Herbs, Vs Tinctures
– Gallbladder Stones
– Unbalanced Hormones
– Eye Sight
– Eczema
– Faintness
– Sulfur/Asparagus Rt
– Advice on Schools
– A.D.D.

Dr. Morse Herbal Health Club


16 Comments on Q&A 130-4 Liver Cancer, Tonsils Removed, Gallbladder Stones…

  1. Jason nvslknm Chisholm // 15th June 2012 at 4:20 pm //

    Gorgeous eye. Very attractive:)

  2. Dr.Morse for PRESIDENT!

  3. Cliffhanger.

  4. AMY for energy to exercise, there are lots of great herbs, i would go for rhodiola. I use this for my endurance training, it’s very effective and works quickly.
    I like to use the Swedish Science Institute’s Adapt 232 formula. But ultimately you’ll also want to clean up your diet, do the fresh juices, eat fruit etc and refine for what works best for you. Through nature we can have good energy levels everyday of our lives. Sometimes you can have too much energy, so then you’ll HAVE to exercise.

  5. LOL @ Dr.Morse 7.13 yeah that’s allopathy for you, totally insane, but they’ve got white coats, a degree or whatever and a stethoscope and we’re expected to just believe them cos we don’t. Thank god for the internet. 😀

  6. Thank you, Thank you Thank you!!!! I love you, Doc <3 ))))

  7. I know i am super sensitive to refined sugars, ANY amounts and my skin (face) let’s me know.
    I of course avoid the sugars 100%, i can eat lots of fruit no problem, drink the green juices, my skin looks amazing. And i get a million other benefits too, increased energy through the roof and something called spirituality. Sceptical ? Well do it.

  8. Interesting hand sign @6.46 Dr.Morse ?? :-O

  9. cant you use an online publisher like lightning source?

  10. what do you know about black seed oil?

  11. Ahem Doc, kelp is a macro-algae, hehehe

  12. Doc, verbiage, not verbilage. I know, I know, not a Doc of English

  13. Geez, is there no other competitive publishers out there??? Or are they “the only game in town” in that they have the best reach thru distribution channels? Oh the tyranny!

  14. Maria Søndermølle // 31st August 2012 at 11:27 pm //

    why cant people outside the US not buy your products ???? would be nice to be able to buy them !!

  15. You should self publish, if you write another book. Especially in this day and age, it isn’t really expensive and you keep all the profits.

  16. what do you mean FEMA guy?

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