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Q&A 130-7 Liver Cancer, Tonsils Removed, Gallbladder Stones…

In This Video:

Q&A 130

– Liver Cancer
– Spiritually Always
– Tonsils Removed
– Prune/Cranberry Juice
– Body Shapes
– Yellow Nails
– Dry Herbs, Vs Tinctures
– Gallbladder Stones
– Unbalanced Hormones
– Eye Sight
– Eczema
– Faintness
– Sulfur/Asparagus Rt
– Advice on Schools
– A.D.D.

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8 Comments on Q&A 130-7 Liver Cancer, Tonsils Removed, Gallbladder Stones…

  1. I used Andreas Moritz book “The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush”. It has detailed information, answered all of my questions and gave me confidence in what I was doing. I had tried another way a few years ago that was very difficult, but this Moritz way I actually found easy and totally comfortable. I highly recommend being well informed and sticking to the guidelines to get the best results. Also, for my first time, I had a friend come to support me who had done it before.

  2. All the best in your new adventure with your body. :)))

  3. This channel is my TV!
    Doctor Morse, I am curious.. how quickly do eyes change? Will eyes change during a 100day juice fast? 🙂

  4. Don’t know where to ask, because the black salve is mentioned in Q&A 76 and that is way back….. Love to know the ingredients or brand for the Black salve. There is so many info about black salve online that you don’t know what to make or buy……
    Love your spirit and down to earth teachings that are for everybody (when they are ready ;-))
    Learned more from all your video’s than I did the last 10 years…..

  5. Depends on the person. A 100 day juice fast may be enough to completely detox one person, but only enough to start to detox someone else. Regenerative speed, detox speed, areas affected, how deep the problem is, etc, all play a role.

  6. Hello, Dr. Morse. Is parsley a good herb for UTI infections. How would you rank (what do you think of these herbs): parsley, watercress and habiscus flower water/tea?

  7. Thank you. That answered my question. So it is possible 🙂

  8. Maria Søndermølle // 31st August 2012 at 10:12 pm //

    alt cancer. com/ Products/ qblack- salveq. html

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