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Q&A 135 – Sick Sister, Seizures, Alzheimer’s, Dyslexia…

Q&A 135

– Vertical Sleeps Eyes
– Sick Sister
– 6 Year Old with Seizures
– Alzheimer's
– Fermented Veggies
– Class in September
– Dyslexia
– Constipation and Face Breaking Out
– Fasting While Thin
– Vagina Dryness
– Grape Seeds on Colon Detox?
– Laziness and Lack of Self Motivation
– Wild Blueberry Fast
– Low HCL

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20 Comments on Q&A 135 – Sick Sister, Seizures, Alzheimer’s, Dyslexia…

  1. Straight fibers, no discoloration, no pits/holes/lesions, no lymph buildup on top of the fibers, no yellow and no visible blood vessels on the sclera (the whites of the eye), equal sized pupils in both eyes, etc.

  2. xo love u doc!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxo hugs

  3. seeing a new vid Always puts me n a better mood!

  4. Excellent overview : )

  5. Wow “Doc”, you blow me away here…. OK, this is going to have to be a showdown of ignorants here 😉 here at it’s all OK here corral. Fermentation was what was used before there was refrigeration. & is still used on tea, coffee cacao etc to carry things to distant markets without risk of putrefaction. Is this a great gaping hole in your knowledge, tho you spoke so confidently, or was that recklessly? Not only do u take in friendly bacteria, partic if made at home, then local allies, but…

  6. (from but)…it also makes the food more digestible and more utlilizable (assimilable/bioavailable) for a little alcoholization goes a long way with vasodilation 4 carrying nutrients more thoroughly 2 the cells (the why of herbal tinctures). How better to heal the body from anti-biotic use, not to mention the rest of the pharm-messy? Recall how miso was used 2 aid healing from nuclear radiation poisoning. Sure, say YOU dislike fermented products, but dissing them generally goes against btr sense

  7. Thanks for addressing my question Dr.Morse with regards to my sister. I think in fact she would prefer to do berries and melons to green juices anyway.

  8. I just went out and bought a honeydew melon for my lunch, they were not organic, but they were ridiculously delicious, i had been very tired, after eating the melon, wow, energised or as Dr.Morse would say ‘powered up’ ! I’m going to be doing alot more melon after today, i will do alot more berries also.

  9. Video stops at 28.50 for me :-O Argghh..

  10. As with every video .. Dr. Morse – You are the Bomb !!
    I wish I could vote Dr. Morse for President, even though I wouldn’t want to inherit the mess of this Governement But im sure you could KICK SOME MAJOR BUTT !!!!!!!
    Happy 4th Dr. Morse and everyone

  11. Video is working for me again. 😀

  12. You have bought into the myths of fermented foods. The dairy industry has done such a wonderful marketing job, that most of the gullible humanity accepts these myths as fact. Eating rotting, putrefying and decomposing foods is an acquired habit, much like meat-eating and eating junk foods. Like these perverse habits, the practice of eating fermented and putrefied foods should be quickly abandoned by the dedicated seeker of health. Acetic acid is harmful. Once again, the good Doc is right on.

  13. Dr Morse is so right about consciousness and the lack of it. My friends sister has stage 4 lung cancer and is pregnant. Doctor tells family that protein is good for cancer cells. So they have her eating chicken and grilled cheese. They would not let her have mangos or peaches. Doctor and family scoffed at my detox protocol of herbs and raw. They’re Killing her with food and chemo. It saddens me so much. Any advice on communication?

  14. So, Dr Jensen was a farter! (hahaha)

  15. awesome awesome awesome! Ur vids are awesome no matter what u talk about. Whether its about life, healing, fruits, politics, carpeting, etc.

  16. They are giving her chemo when pregnant >>?? WHAT>?? Please tell me no… WTF! Im sooo sorry… best thing is make her watch some testimonial vids from this channel. WOW……. I hope the baby is ok!

  17. thanks, … I have soo much work to do on myself

  18. I love this man! I am so down to clean America up with you, Dr. Morse. Starting with myself! 🙂

  19. I love you! Thank you so much <3 <3 <3

  20. 10:49 regarding seizures
    15:26 alzheimers

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