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Q&A 136 – Edema, Eczema, Pituitary, Broken Capillaries

Q&A 136

– Edema
– Eczema
– Pituitary Issues
– Broken Capillaries
– Fermented Foods
– Ear Infections
– Scare Tissue
– Wrinkles
– Color Blindness & Iridology
– 1 Kidney

21 Comments on Q&A 136 – Edema, Eczema, Pituitary, Broken Capillaries

  1. Dr. Morse….you briefly mentioned that energy is “not about calories it’s about oxidation”. Could you please explain in more detail.

  2. Wow! You are amazing!

  3. Heads up to everyone on this site Dr Morse`s book is available on Amazon as a Kindle version
    which you can download and view on your PC. PS: you have to download the kindle reader to your PC to view the book.Hope this helps anyone wanting to view the book online.

  4. Thanks a lot

  5. @ 26:37 did he say paracidin?

  6. Thanks, i knew all that, i have the I just wanted people’s views on the fact that the metabolic typing diet strongly advocates eating meat.

  7. Thanks, what is the problem with consuming meats ? Wild, organic meats. I mean this stuff has kept the human race alive, we MUST have been consuming it in large amounts throughout time for sustenance. What is your view, why do you believe animal protein is bad ?

  8. I thought you’ve been around awhile, organicsuperman, at least long enough to have seen Morse talk on this a couple of times. The complex proteins require a lot of acid and energy to break down (high nitrogen base) into their simple components, it stays in the digestive system for a long time (days to months) further putrefying and causing blockages, the neuro-transmitters and hormones in them progressively shut down the adrenals, the acid nature of it progressively shuts down the kidneys, etc.

  9. Anyway, the list of problems is quite large, and as Morse said, don’t look at what we did in the past to determine what we should do today. The deterioration of human health over the ages due to eating foods not optimal for our species has gotten to a terrible point, where even eating 100% fruit isn’t enough to turn a lot of us around. 🙁

  10. Thanks, nooo, i’m still a newbie. I’ve been into health for 10 years, it changed my quality of life no question. The natural way, so now i am looking to know more and refine. Basically i was deeply depressed for 10 years which spiralled into alcoholism. Refining my diet fixed it all up, and then some, skin, digestion, mental clarity etc I now do endurance sports and enjoy life. I know there is more to learn about nutrition and my body. Can you put me off oat cakes, i still have a thing for them

  11. Hi guys, i’m looking for advice when you reach a plateau with the green juices.

  12. Can you make a video about caffeine, or quitting caffeine and how to recover from the stresses it causes?

  13. Can hypochlorhydria or low stomach acid cause malabsorption of iron anemia along with hypertension since food takes long digest (Gastroparesis)?

  14. Thanks, i have been going toward berries and melons, not as mono but already feeling better. Not that i ever feel bad, but when you are healthy you notice small subtle changes.

  15. @babyandEarl,WOW way to go! any tips?

  16. 24:26
    Dr. Morse is so cuuuuuuuuuuuute!!

  17. 1:47 “can’t say”, British accent slip?

  18. i noticed changes in tbe eyes just a few days after starting on the herbs and eating more fruits. My eyes were much brighter and shinny.

  19. Dr. Morse, This little Primate loves you, loves you, loves you. I always get reminded when I watch your videos that we are a tropical species and fruit is our natural diet. When we eat differently, we get sick. When we go back to fruit, we get well. How Simple! What a blessing to have found you. You always bring me back to sanity when I start eating crazy.

  20. When Dr.Morse speaks, you can just feel that he cares. He gives me hope.

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