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Q&A -141 Pictures, Hypothyroid, Autism, Kidney Infection

Q&A 141

– Iris Pictures
– Hypothyroid
– Raw Life Wizard
– Facebook
– 6 Month on Oranges
– Autism
– Kefir Grains & Probiotics
– Kidney Infections
– Pain in Legs, Hips, Etc.
– Bone Spurs

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19 Comments on Q&A -141 Pictures, Hypothyroid, Autism, Kidney Infection

  1. Thank you for your help everyone.

  2. Owen fox - New Age Sage Clown Transformer! // 7th August 2012 at 7:46 pm //

    im owen here. my eyes were read at 51:00. dr morse is correct. i had trauma to my quads from overtraining to the extremist amount ever, as well as body shattered for many almost 10 years. adrenals and digestion went down terribly. exhaustion and quads wouldnt work properly. so he’s right on about that trauma thing in the legs… good read! thanks SO much. i plan on sending u donations for all your kind work for helping me and other people. thank you team. bless u all. xxx

  3. Owen fox - New Age Sage Clown Transformer! // 7th August 2012 at 7:54 pm //

    at 1:08 he goes over again and mentions the trauma that seems unusual in my left eye compared to the rest of the iris in that eye…

  4. LOVE THESE VIDEOS!!! SO MUCH. Cannot TELL YOU how much. Thank you SO SO SO MUCH for your service!!! These videos are seriously PRICELESS. You have changed my life. I have so much hope now for the human race; seeing you, and being reminded that there are such wonderful people in this world! XOXO

  5. 0:13:00 What HERBS is he talking about??

  6. the love is here!

  7. thanks for posting Owen! Nice to know Dr. Morse reads the eyes
    so well and that u are on your way to natural healing. happy birthday!
    I watch every single one of his videos.. LOVE THEM ALL!

  8. Owen fox - New Age Sage Clown Transformer! // 10th August 2012 at 2:22 pm //

    hahah happy birthday! thanks Rita a wonderful reminder for me to rejoice and celebrate to the mam in grateful ease & joy! blessings and love to u. u watch some of my videos too obviously?! haha…. x

  9. The Freedom Forager // 10th August 2012 at 5:44 pm //

    Dr. Morse would say eat/juice the greens. Alfalfa ounce for ounce has more protein than beef. Alfalfa can be tough to come by so get on the greens, salads/green juices.

  10. EYE CHARTS….like em! Where can I get those??

  11. Hi, just wanted to share one of my favorite youtube videos, I know you guys are into this kind of stuff too.

  12. I learned so much from this video about eyes! THANK YOU!

  13. Owen fox - New Age Sage Clown Transformer! // 19th October 2012 at 7:20 am //

    im not sure my friend herbalist/iridologist took them with a flash camera she uses for people’s eyes. thats why they turned out pretty clear. hope u get what ur looking for. love n blessings….

  14. I caught that on the T.V somewhere and I go WHattttt?? LOL Oh man Ol’ Nob you crack me up sometimes… 🙂

  15. Sorry, but the eyes read at 33.00 cannot be the adrenals, cause from the eye map that was show’n earlier say’s that the adrenals are at around 5:27 clockwise.. those one’s shown were over 6oc.. confused here..

  16. Yes.. Eye 39:00 he say’s the pancreas is on the same spot as the 33:00.. not the adrenal.. lol

  17. The 40 Year Old Vegan // 19th January 2014 at 1:23 am //

    robert morse is CUTE!!!

  18. I love your videos, And I need to hear things over and over  lol  Love you Doc.M

  19. Dr Robert Morse many many thanks for all the info and all the videos. God Bless You. Your methods most powerful.

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